Voice of the White House February 2, 2008

“For some time, the Israeli government and Jewish activist groups in America have been strongly pressuring the Bush administration to attack Iran because they fear thet Iran is building, or may already have acquired, atomic weapons which they would use against Israel. Israel also insists on a long term presence of powerful American strike units stationed in Iraq to be able to respond at once in the event of any kind of a military attack on Israel.

The Bush people are absolutely in agreement with these requests but now that it is obvious Bush has lost most of his power and his chronic threats against Iran have proven to be hollow, Israel has become increasingly frantic. It is obvious just by watching television that candidates for President are all determined to withdraw troops from Iraq so the idea of a permanent U.S. deterrent in the Middle East is a failed one.

The Pentagon has been intercepting Israeli diplomatic and military traffic for the past two years and it is more than obvious that while Bush has fully agreed not to act against any Israeli aggression, he is no longer able to offer the full military response Israel feels it must have.

Recent intercepted diplomatic communications indicate that Israel is frantic enough to “go it alone” in the matter of Iran and is planning to attack that country with atomic weaponry (they do not have the manpower for military ground actions and the United States cannot assist them) in the very near future.

Their recent attempts to starve out Hamas in Palestine by shutting off electricity and food shipments were foiled when furious and desperate Palestinians broke through Egyptian barriers and flooded into that country for food and the necessities of life. The United States government immediately demanded that Egypt reseal their borders at once but as this would have meant taking drastic military action against masses of fellow Muslim civilians, Egypt demurred.

When it was obvious that Murabek would not obey Washington , (no one obeys Washington anymore) Israel felt that the time had come for it to act unilaterally. One “dragged anchor” severing an underwater cables is entirely possible but the degree and extent of the damage is not any kind of an accident.

The answer to the question as to who was responsible is: Que bono? (‘Who benefits/’) Only Israel benefits and no one else.”

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