Twisting in the Wind, a Momentary Hiatus

Smoking Mirrors — Sept 28, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
To say that it has been a rough couple of weeks would be a serious understatement. Later on for details. It seems that everything of any importance is going on behind the scenes. Out front is the ever changing spectacle of Pointless, followed by Meaningless and accompanied by Brutal and Indifferent, with Obsessed accounting for crowd control.
I looked at the news, what they have presented us with, as the news and the presence of what you see, counterpointed by what you don’t see, makes for compelling reflection, for anyone who still has that capacity to so engage. It’s behind the scenes where you see the blows being dealt and the tolls taken.
It is in times like these when you learn that it is better to have gone mad and beyond already, rather than to be driven mad now. All the engines of enforced madness making are in high gear. They go in slow steps from A to D or E but when they bring you back to A, it is no longer A, as A was. It is now something else and only those already mad can see this. I haven’t held off commenting because I couldn’t. I can, or have been able to for a few days but… what can I possibly say?
What has happened, at least at my end, is too outrageous to comment on. I hear little. Commenting is messed with. Many things are messed with. Hopefully at least one sector, responsible for most of my recent difficulties, now knows I am not a reverse engineered, undesirable. This was the way I told to go to out the people snooping on me. I hope they have now, looked back over what they can find about me and have realized that they were wrong about me.
What is now going on, is unlike anything we, or they, have previously encountered before. Various forces are working with a will and the whole effect of Mr. Apocalypse on the public mind and on event’s, both known and… behind the scenes, has been profound; point being, very few from any camp, knows what is going on and in certain camps, no one knows.
We have discovered that certain financial systems run the world. We know this is not the first time it has been brought up, addressed, stopped, started, redesigned. It comes and goes and it appears to become increasingly rapacious and avaricious as the population increases. The music is an indicator of more human life needing to be thrown to the archetypal alligators. The pressure on the family is so great that one will sacrifice their family to save the promise of their family.  Following this, across the board, our normal and natural human attractions and areas of sexual interaction are being twisted into unrecognizable expressions that are diametrically opposite what we began with. Nearly all of this is being forcefully engineered and very little of it is by accident or choice.
These are the varieties of the states of the apocalypse. A signature feature of it all is that those supposed to be allied together are being turned upon each other. Watch how you go and watch what you believe based on transparent subterfuges. To be deceived is to be made an enemy of your own future.
They do what they can do because their time is short. For them there is no possible means or manner of escape and now they have come up against things they were not expecting to come up against and they are finding that forces they had depended upon for so long are no longer behaving with the consistency and dependability they were formerly known for.
At this point, far too much is known by those who oppose what these planet killers have been up to. Some of us have little power except in our strength by numbers and some of us are very powerful indeed. Our greatest asset is the disunity between the disparate groups of ravenous evil who cannot agree among themselves concerning their common agenda. Our greatest defense and hope lies within the words, “evil destroys itself”.
Our cowardly, pompous and pontificating adversaries have been led down the garden path, by the many leashes of arrogance and ego, vanity, self importance and attendant harnesses. Could you see these entities as they are, you would see them hanging from hundreds of fishhooks. These they have picked up on their long hike into the wildernesses of perdition. By the time evil gets to the point where there is a gun at every window and large armies of fountain pen killers and actual killers, anywhere you want to look, they are so messed up on the inside that they are incapable of reasonable, rational, or effective action in respect of anything they do. This is what it is like for a lead guitar player ripped on coke who thinks he is playing the best he ever has and everyone else is wondering what is wrong with the cat.
Only those caught up in the frenzy of fear, over losing what they think they own, or what they might well have stolen and then convinced themselves they owned, after the fact, should feel troubled at this point. You know all of this. I’m just reminding you because when confusion and the driving force of collective greed is so much greater than that of those pockets of individual integrity that nothing seems capable of killing… well, it can be confusing. I hope I’m back. We shall see.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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