Why I believe the Jews are lying about the Holocaust

From time to time I get asked why I believe that the Jews are lying about the Holocaust. After all, they argue, if they lied about it, it would be such a gigantic lie, that if found out, it would do enormous damage to the Jewish people. Apart from being utterly immoral, why would the Jews be so crazy to take such a huge risk?

The 10 Commandments

First of all, I would like to comment on the morality question. Admittedly, Jews like Christians and Muslim consider lying to be one of the cardinal sins, forbidden by Moses’ 10 commandments. Where Judaism differs from Christianity and Islam though, is in its limitation of the application of those 10 commandments to fellow co-religionists. While some people argue that the Torah (Old Testimony) is still ambiguous on that matter, the Talmud – Judaism’s authoritative interpretation of the Torah – leaves no doubt: Gentiles, are not protected by the ‘Law’. The Talmud literally teaches that Gentiles are subhuman, with rights comparable to those of cattle, created by God for the enrichment and comfort of Jews. From the point of view of many Jews, even though they will rigorously deny that this is the case, it is no sin to deceive, defraud, exploit, enslave, prostitute, torture, kill, as long as the victim is not Jewish. This is precisely the reason why Jews historically have been dominating slave trade and usury. This is also the reason why Jews are dominating up to this day every vice and crime you can make money with: sex slavery, human trafficking, prostitution, drug trade, weapon trade, gambling, you name it. In other words, moral considerations wouldn’t prevent Jews from lying about the Holocaust.

A history of lies and deception

If it wasn’t for the Jewish control of mainstream media, it would be common knowledge that Jews are constantly lying for financial and political gains. Just a few examples:

* Jews deny that they dominate Western media.
* Jews deny that they dominate the financial sector.
* Jews deny that they control the U.S. government.
* Jews deny that the ‘Young Turks’ behind the Armenian genocide were in fact Jewish.
* Jews deny that the vast majority of Bolsheviks were Jewish and that the Ukrainian genocide was a Jewish anti-Christian progrom.
* Jews deny that the Israeli government has committed numerous false-flag attacks including the attack by the Israeli Airforce on the U.S.S. Liberty
* Jews deny that there has ever been human sacrifices of Christian children as part of their Passover ritual.
* Jews deny that historic events of the past 100 years follow precisely the blueprint of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, giving credibility to the suggestion that they are genuine and not forgery.
* Jews deny the involvement of Israel’s Mossad in the false-flag terrorist attacks on 9/11 and 7/7, and the murder of Princess Diana.

Jews not only vigorously deny those facts, in spite of overwhelming evidence, they do everything in their power to harm or even destroy anyone daring to give them the slightest credibility.

A history of ruthless pursuit of political and financial goals

Jews have a well known history of ruthlessly pursuing their political and financial goals. Just a couple of examples:

* The spreading of false rumours about a victory of Napoleon in the battle of Waterloo with the purpose of crashing the London Stock Exchange, enabling the Rothschilds to buy the entire English market for less than 5% of its value.
* The creation of World War I and II for the purpose of spreading communism and the creation of the Jews-only state.
* The murder of 1.5 million Armenians to enrage Christian Westeners against Turkey in psychological preparation for the destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the creation of the Jews-only state.
* The systematic use of torture, ethnic cleansing and extra-judicial killings against the Palestinian people.
* The systematic use of lies and deception including false-flag terrorism.

Flimsy evidence and lack of due process

During the series of war crimes tribunals conducted in post-war Germany, it was common practice to admit hearsay evidence. Witnesses of the prosecution could not be cross-examined. Confessions of the defendants were regularly the result of torture, including the crushing of testicles, of mock trials, of threats of handing over family members to the Russians or refusing desperately needed food rations. In the most prominent case of the commander of the Auschwitz concentration camp, the confession was written in English, with no attached translation, in spite of the fact that the commander didn’t know any English.

Hundreds and thousands of nonsensical claims

The more light is thrown on the Holocaust accusations, the more obvious it becomes how ridiculous many of them are. Some of them have been debunked for decades, such as the gruesome soap and lamp shades horror stories. That doesn’t prevent the ‘Holocaust Industry’ though from continuing to spread them. Others are so obviously wrong, such as claims that 1.5 million Jews were gassed by exhaust fumes of a Russian diesel tank engine, that you have to wonder how the Jews could get away with them for 60 years. Any medical student can tell you that you have to be a severe asthma sufferer to die from diesel exhaust fumes.

What’s in it for the Jews?

The answer to the question why the Jews would make up such a gigantic lie is pretty obvious. It gave them a free pass for the pursuit of their various political and financial goals. It gave them virtual immunity for their criminal activities. Most importantly it destroyed all resistance against the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine and the genocidal treatment of the Palestinian people. Yes, making up the biggest lie in human history comes at a considerable risk. The ‘Holocult’ founders must have had so much trust in their grip on Western governments and corporate media and their ability to cover up the obvious truth, that they felt the political and financial benefits outweighed the risks.

What amazes me most about the entire Holocaust saga is how the Jews can get away with their refusal to allow any examination of the veracity of their claims. How they can get away with doing everything in their power to silence and destroy anyone who argues that their accusations don’t make sense. In Germany, Austria and a dozen other countries revisionists get even imprisoned for questioning the Holocaust claims. Given the appalling Jewish record with regards to lies and deception and their history of ruthless pursuit of financial and political gains it’s fairly obvious who is telling the truth. That’s why I believe that the Jews are lying about the Holocaust


Rebel of Oz is the editor/publisher of Sydney based dissident blog ZioPedia.org and founder of Jews Anonymous. He can be contacted on editor@ziopedia.org. You can find more of his articles in the Editorial Section of the ZioPedia.org site.

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