Al Shaabab May Have Escaped Through Underground Tunnel; KDF Never Killed Any Terrorist

The Kenyan Post — Sept 27, 2013

Westgate Mall did the killers also use the tunnel to gain access to the Mall?

As Kenyan and foreign detectives continue to comb through the Westgate debris in search of missing bodies and answers to the Westgate terror attack, shocking revelations have emerged that may catch Kenyans unaware following the 4-day horror ordeal they went through.

This is after the detectives discovered a huge underground tunnel also used as sewerage tunnel, which runs several metres from the Westgate Mall to the neighbouring Nakummatt Ukay Mall.
The detectives noted that the Al-Shaabab terrorists are likely to have escaped through the tunnel, and left their explosives in the Westgate Mall, whose explosions have continued to be heard even after the Kenyan Defence Force secured the Westgate building.

Was it also used as an escape route?

According to impeccable source from the intelligence community, KDF did not kill any Westgate terrorist after all, because there is no sign of them in the debris even after combing the rubble for days now.

This comes as KDF through Interior Cabinet Secretary, Joseph Ole Lenku, insist they killed five terrorists, but have since failed to prove their assertion.


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