Smoking Gun! Predators Draft “Sex Education” — Sept 27, 2013

Just because his trial is 14 months off, we shouldn’t forget the case of former Ontario Deputy Minister of Education, Benjamin Levin, right. Released July 9 on $100,000 bail, Levin was charged with making and distributing child pornography.  As Deputy Minister of Education, he devised a “sex education” program to sexualize Ontario children.
This is more evidence that a Masonic (Cabalist Jewish) satanic sex cult controls society using liberal and “progressive” groups as fronts. He was a professor at the University of Toronto; his brother is Registrar and another is Canadian ambassador to Cuba.

by Reality (Real Women of Canada, September Ed.)

FROM 2004 to 2009, Ben Levin served as Deputy Minister of Education of Ontario under the lesbian Minister of Education, Kathleen Wynne, who is currently the Liberal Premier of the Province.
During Levin’s time as Deputy Minister, a new sex education curriculum, called the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (EIES), was developed. According to this curriculum, 6-year-olds were to be taught “gender identity” in grade 1, sex orientation and different genders in grade 3, masturbation in grade 6, and oral and anal sex by grade 7.

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