Polish Coup d’Etat Still an Open Wound

henrymakow.com — Sept 26, 2013

Is the Smolensk crash conspiracy still an open wound in Poland or are people resigned to accepting the official story?
I put this question to a Polish reader. This is his answer.

by Alojzy Feliński — (henrymakow.com)

Image from video footage shows firefighters working to extinguish the flames near the wreckage of a Polish government aircraft after it crashed near Smolensk airport in western Russia. Click to enlarge

A short answer is: the MSM are ramming into people’s minds that the counter-official interpretation of the Smolensk crash is a dangerous conspiracy theory and its proponents are psychiatric cases. How come the pattern is so similar to 9/11?…

Personally, I do not think, however, that people are buying this.
The latest official news story is that the public prosecutors have dismissed the complaint about the security deficiencies in the organization of the late president’s flight to Smolensk. As you probably know, the one who was in charge of the preparations is now the ambassador in Madrid.
Meanwhile, the MSM inundate the Polish public with overblown coverage of the pedophiliac scandal involving Polish priests in Dominican Republic and a plethora of other overblown distractions like stories of backyard child abuse cases or temporarily missing autistic children briefly left without care.

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