She-Males Charge Lesbians with “Transphobia”

by Reality – Publication of Real Women of Canada (Sept.) — via Sept 25, 2013

Feminists and lesbians have been shocked and dismayed by the intrusion into their “space” by transgendered males.
Those promoting protection for transgenders would have us believe that, if only those who reject their natural sex were legally recognized, they would lead fully satisfying and fulfilling lives.
That is, once churches, hospitals, schools and clinics plus all public locker rooms and restrooms were required to protect those trying to change their gender, with fines for anyone who dares to be so foolhardy as to make even a negative comment about them or create a “distinction” regarding cross-dressers, etc., transgenders would then be content.
But maybe not. There appears to be some trouble in transgender land. The trouble is that lesbians don’t regard transgendered males as truly women and refuse to have sex with them.

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