Ken Adachi: TV both Watches & Warps

Ken Adachi — via Sept 23, 2013

We stopped watching broadcast TV when they turned off the analog transmitters in 2009 and we haven’t missed the moronic garbage being offered on VHF stations and slightly miss the more intelligent programs offered on  public TV and UHF stations.
Of course, there were many brain washing  “documentaries” from propaganda outlets like WGBH in Boston or Nova that would infuriate me, but there were also many good shows on Nature, science, history, archeology, or medicine that were enjoyable and educational.
Anyone now watching broadcast “digital” TV is directly connected to the NSA and who knows how many military and government computers. All modern plasma and flat screen TVs are embedded with microphones and cameras (in the screen) which are recording everything seen and heard in the room where the TV is located and is transmitting that information out of your home on the same carriers used to bring the digital signal into your spiffy looking, high definition, wide screen, flat panel TV set.

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