Ehud Olmert’s Memorial Day Speech

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed Monday that Israel would not ignore any calls for its obliteration. In his speech to the Knesset, Olmert refered to some of the favourites ingredients in Zionist cuisine. “We will not permit ourselves to be complacent to the sounds of voices calling for the obliteration of Israel, which are backed by murderous and jealous ideologies, tyrannical regimes, supporters of terrors and malicious programs to develop weapons of massive destruction.” He wants to make us believe that Israel is surrounded by tyrannical regimes poised at finishing Hitler’s job of exterminating the Jewish people.

I won’t even go into the question how on earth Israel’s neighbors could possibly ‘obliterate’ a country with the 5th strongest military force in the world and enough atomic weapons – plus all the delivery systems they could wish for – to wipe out the entire planet. What I want to write about is this pagan ritual of a ‘Memorial Day’, commemorating the day when Auschwitz was ‘liberated’ by Soviet troops. (Anybody upset about the use of apostrophs for the word ‘liberated’ should read Elie Wiesel’s The Night to find out how he felt about the approaching Red Army.)

It is a tell-tale sign of ‘Jewish Power’ that it is illegal in most Western countries to question whether Hitler ever had a plan to kill all European Jews. According to many revisionists, Hitler was actually working with Zionist organisations on their common goal of transferring Europe’s Jews to Palestine. Some of them even go as far as saying that Hitler was an extra-marital grandson of the Viennese House of Rothschilds brought into power by Jewish bankers for the purpose of creating the conditions for the creation of a Jewish state.

What fits into that disturbing picture is that the Nazis allowed Zionist organisations to run training camps in Nazi Germany, featuring Zionist flags with the David Star and preparing future settlers for a life in the Holy Land.

Zionists are facing the same embarrassing problem with their alleged Nazi extermination programme as the Neopaths with Iraq’s and Iran’s supposed weapons of mass destruction. They have no proof other than witness reports based on hear-say and coerced confessions. The revisionists are insistant that there are no written orders, no paper trails and no homicidal gas chambers, not even engineering designs, that could have been used for the alleged purpose, for technical, capacity, logistical and a whole string of other reasons. That would explain why Holocaust novellist Ellie Wiesel described in his above mentioned ‘autobiography’ how the Auschwitz prisoners, who weren’t too sick from typhus, begged their German prison guards to rescue them from the approaching Soviet ‘liberators’.

I don’t consider myself a Holocaust expert, but common sense is telling me that the revisionists are probably right. Apart from Nikor – who is as bad at debunking as Popular Mechanics – nobody has ever bothered trying to counter the revisionists’ arguments. Instead, they are systematically destroyed by a well oiled Kosher Inquisition, in a blatant infringement on their freedom of expression. In German courts, who routinely imprison hundreds of Holocaust heretics every year for ‘incitement’, revisionists aren’t even allowed to defend themselves by providing proof for the incriminated claims. The judges simply declare the Holocaust as ‘self-evident truth’ and order the defendants and their councils to shut up. If the council persists, he gets imprisoned too, loses his license or both.

The Holocaust promoters allege that those who question the official narrative are promoting ‘hate’. What a load of crap. Since when is defending an accused of an alleged crime a crime itself, especially if the circumstances of his conviction are that dubious? The procedures of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal didn’t have the slightest resemblance to what’s called ‘due process’, and yet asking for a retrial puts an end to anybody’s career. What kind of Orwellian nightmare are we in where we are bullied to blindly believe what we are told?

There is plenty of evidence that our governments and media are controlled by groups and people benefiting from the Holocaust story. And there is even more evidence that our governments and media have no qualms about lying to us again and again.

What’s happening here is that we are being brainwashed by repetition of the same lies from the cradle to the grave. What’s even worse is that we are being forced by taboos and the threat of legal persecution not to question the official version of the truth. It takes courageous people with a lot of character to resist the power of this evil machine.

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