Voice of the White House January 25, 2008

“There is very serious trouble afoot in Pakistan , a fact known to the media but ignored in more important matters such as the Obama/Clinton Family mud throwing contests.

The public is getting aroused in that country, angry at the military disctatorship so warmly, and uselessly supported by the stupid Bush administration.

The military, that runs the country, has problems with the Muslim activists known collectively as the Taliban. They have a more or less tacit truce wherein the Taliban will not make trouble for the Army and the Army will not make trouble for the Taliban.

This worked out and of course we were not told this; we were told that the Pakistani army, whose leadership has received a gravy train full of weapons and cash, has not only contained the Taliban but has made inroads in their membership.

None of this is true and with the serious political problems in Pakistan , all of the quid pro quos are starting to unravel. Elements in the Pakistani military want to attack India and almost none of them like the Americans and all of them have complete contempt for Bush. The army is now testing medium range missiles with an eye to nuking India and India is well aware of this and is much bigger and much better armed.

Since the Bush people can do nothing about this, typically, they say nothing about it, aside from a vaguely worded communiqué from time to time that reassures those who don’t bother to read it that everything is wonderful. It isn’t of course, but we have put up with shoddy planning, chronic and very transparent lies and general malfeasance for eight years and anyone watching both the Democratic and Republican debates is aware that it is just going to continue as business as usual at the old stand.

By the way, a co worker gave me a website link that they said was utterly typical of the methodology the Rovian Republicans used to keep and maintain power.

It is a bit salty so it is suggested that no one under 18 even try to look at it: http://zet.vzhopy.com/top.html

If you don’t like it, write to the White House and tell them what you think of their activities You could also write to the ASPCA or the Department of Agriculture. This is a site Rupert Murdoch might want to cover in his revised Wall Street Journal”

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