Help! My Wife is a TV Addict!

by Michael — ( Sept 20,2013

What passes for humor and acceptable fare in movies and television these days would make a sailor blush twenty years ago- now it’s the norm. I can hardly believe my eyes when I see commercials with phallic references, women’s breasts and men kissing on prime time television.
I’m not a bible thumping Christian, but even I know these are wicked times…the days of Sodom and Gomorrah are here….iniquities abound and Satan is let loosed upon the land.
My wife (deeply sad about this, and trying to get her to see the error) watches endless shows on daytime TV that deal, hour after hour, with recitations and recreations of murder, rape, incest, pedophilia and other disgusting topics. I’ve explained to her that a person is the sum of what they experience.
One cannot keep a happy, pure heart when one absorbs shows dealing with those topics. It reminds me of either “The Mechanic” or “J.L. Seagull” (Richard Bach), where the narrator says that if you watch horror movies, your life becomes a horror movie (or something to that effect- it’s been 20 or 30 years).
I barely watch TV anymore, and my wife is addicted. She spends 12 hours a day soaking up garbage. I am so sad for her. I read in another room. I had to make a hard choice between spending time with her watching TV (as she won’t capitulate and read or do anything else) or grow apart to a degree.
I love her with all my heart, but it is my very soul that is in jeopardy if I soak up that disgusting filth, raunchy, crude evil crap they foist upon us as humor-shows like “Anger Management”.
Until not so long ago, I would have thought Makow nuts to claim this was a designed denigration of our society, but I see it now and he is right. How I wish he wasn’t, but it is what it is. I hope to save my wife is all I can say.


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