Dog poet Transmitting

Visible Origami — Sept 20, 2013

dog poet transmiting
May your noses always
I have been to war I am not fully out of it. They’re coming from ,many places . Seen that some hardline organization  Launched a war of extermination. Glen is in with them,  ray b. and others at the site . They have remote viewing me teleporting objects in and taking other things out. .I know you want to know but later for that.I have not won but I will win, no one else has the red coat. They had telepaths going through my shit And they saw that I was a wretch. But what they did not know was that god put that on me as cover for who I really am. The Mothman is apparently very real. He’s involved and there are others.. They have creatures that can do most anything. Make my beer disappear, only had two. I’m banged up and crated. They had me. My whole computer was turned over to them. Then some of them found out that I was serving the highest. That changed the gameboard. As they got more and more confirmations from on high their case became tenuous. I will say here That twenty million euro better come thru AND soon.
I can’t write long it is arduous and they are still; fucking with me. It is an Augean Labor.. Now they know they can’t harm me anymore. That’s over. But I am starting to get angry now and that is not a god sign for them. You among the readers who are with them know you cannot win this. I have imprimatur. .
Your ranks are decimated. I’ve taken a new bad hits with no lasting damage. The landscape is being scoured for thew rest of you, meticulously. Let’s do this the easy way and you get to keep your shit and your lives, in ‘most’ cases. The harder you make it the harder it its going to be for you.  Make peace with me now and we can all have a glorious future. Do not make peace and rue the day.. I have demonstrated the power of my connections and those of you who thought the archangels would blow me away, apparently didn’t know who I work for.You who are still at it, sending entities, creatures, spells. This is to no avail and I will ruthlessly deal with you everyone. If you stop now and come over, I am wiling to be gracious. I am the god guy and you know it in spades now so, let’s not see the spades. Back off now and you can save yourselves..
I could have gone on and on. Think about who I really am. Petition me in your way  to even up what’s due me  Don’t wait too long. I’slo be here waiting too. Let us end the nonsense.; You know who I am. It was just a cover, a veil to protect me from the bad guys. On the other side well. I suggest you go with your gut, your integrity and conviction. this must work out. It is why I do what I do. Some of you don’t have to do what you’re doing anymore.The window is open. You already know the important this is. This offer will not be repeated and the window of opportunity is open. It is going to close.soon.
Well Sim, We’ve seen some things.
That amazing journey
Where does it end?. Al is forgiven. You are limiting your development so?
after i go by c you see how it is .
I am the good guy. It freaked you. It hurt you, it confused you. It made you afraid. It intrigued you.
I’ve gone thru al those things, I met God o n a beach. Trying to get around aofthese texting problems is making me weary. Se you 2whenever.
End Transmission Take the locks off of my computer. It is the decent thing to do and it works out ever so much better for you


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