Chemtrails are “Messing with My Psyche”

Rick Miracle — Sept 19, 2013

In Florida, if you are aware of the sky spraying (called Chemtrails), it messes with your psyche. The sky looks like a perpetual Halloween party with all the nasty spray lines. (See image below.)
Early in Jan. 2013, I went for coffee at a nearby plaza near downtown Orlando, Florida. The sky was crisscrossed with jet trails, but not just jet trails, BUT thick jet trails that were painting the whole sky pasty white. It looked like hell.
I saw a TV truck with the camera on top in the parking lot; I knocked on the window to get the driver’s attention. He rolled down the window, I asked him if he knew about the sky spraying and pointed it out.
It was an insane sky spraying day. He looked up and said, “Oh yeah, I heard about that” and promptly looked away & rolled up his window. I felt like I was all alone in the world, I thought of the twilight zone TV series. He not only did not care but did not want to talk about it.
People snub their noses about this subject and refuse to talk about it even when it’s present & they can see it.
BUT, consider this. Can messing with Mother Nature be good for us? Does it affect the weather? Does it affect the water, the plants, and the animals? Does it affect you and your family?


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