US Army Unable to Confront Iran

US soldiers are not able to stand against Iranian combatants, a senior Iranian commander said in the wake of massive propaganda by western media over an alleged confrontation between Iranian and US navy vessels in the Persian Gulf earlier this month.

Lieutenant commander of the General Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces said that the hues and cries made by the western media about the event was aimed at portraying Iran as a threat to world peace and security on the verge of the visit to the region by US President George Bush.

He said that the prompt action, including presentation of authentic documents and footages of the incident, by Iranian officials proved the baseless and untrue nature of the US allegations, following to which “Americans were obliged to acknowledge that their reports were not true.”

General Masoud Jazayeri identified relevant reports by western media as a part of psychological warfare against the Islamic Republic, saying that the report released by the western media on the alleged confrontation between the Iranian and US navy vessels in the Strait of Hormuz was carried out in the form of a premeditated scenario.

He also said that the US has repeatedly devised and practiced such plots against the Islamic Republic, a major part of which have eventually turned into a scandal for the White House as it had been obliged to reject its earlier reports, similar to the recent Persian Gulf confrontation report.

The official reminded that the US had first used archive pictures and done forgery to convince the world people that its warships had been swarmed by Iranian boats, while it had to dismiss its allegations later.

Yet, what seems to be interesting in this story is that the US soldiers showed a feeling of fright similar to the British marines who were detained by Iran several months ago after trespassing Iranian borders, he said.

Jazayeri reminded that in the earlier case, an Iranian boat steered by a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) stopped the British boat with a large number of fully-armed British soldiers and made them surrender.

“…in that case too the British soldiers were directed towards our coasts while they felt completely hopeless and scared,” he added.

“Evidence has revealed that no American soldier or military personnel is able to stand against Iranian combatants,” Jazayeri reiterated.