Waking Up and the Sidestep Fandango Tango

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Sept 16, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting (under duress)
May you always have your wits about you.
Serious doings in Visibleandia- more in the comments and more at Origami tomorrow, I hope
A good example of the media is to be found here. This is one of the most outrageous lies to be seen of late in a season of outrageous lies. For those who think I am crazy, or having a mis-diagnosed Kundalini experience, my internet is still going down and WhatreallyHappened has been removed from my Firefox Bookmarks for the 3rd time recently and now I can’t even access the site for the second time recently (Michael has been assaulted as much as me, if not more). I can’t go there …AND my CD player boots up every time I try to go certain places. Michael wrote something yesterday at the beginning of his site. I wanted you to see it but it is probably changed now and maybe not. Damn! It’s still there, I managed to get on through and the comment is there for September 15th, first entry; they are still inside my computer (see comments half an hour or several hours after blog posting) but don’t know everything yet (grin). Fuck ’em. I will get this posting up, now back to the football thing;
Besides tons of other proof, if you saw the Seattle game last night, you know it’s a lie, along with all them outrageous lies. Why do you think they want that lie believed? They do not want the public to know what powers they possess! You have only to watch Monty Pythons “The Meaning of Life from 30 years ago”; see the first scene!!! Damn! I’m on to the second scene; see the whole movie. They were definitely ahead of their time. I did not even remember it but… since all my recent movies have been disappeared from my computer, I put this on to watch while I write. Don’t tell me I’m not connected to something!
Here’s more of the Crass Media, working at the behest of an powerful agenda. Here’s more of our available solutions. The threat to those resisting are profound, given also what precedes the Samson Option; too bad for them, Samson was not a member of Their Tribe. Michael is.
Alright people, I can’t go into detail here (see next Origami and comments for that) but let me tell you, the shit has hit the fan. I’m swimming in it at the moment and carrying physical wounds as proof (to me anyway- I doubt you’ll ear about that part. They won’t hurt my family if I flee AND they can’t stop me so… do the math, Du horen mich spater from another place.)
Yes… it’s all gone up several notches since the missiles didn’t hit Syria. They have international game plans, sometimes only tenuously connected to what happens but definitely connects as far as they are concerned. It is what it is and …we only know what we know and should always remember that we don’t know what we don’t know. That would solve all kinds of personal problems of which I have seen a few. I even have a couple of my own (grin). However, if you follow that simple rule you might soon have no personal problems. I know simple is not easy, or I would not still have my own couple of.
Since those missiles went off in Syria and did not come down where they were aimed, everything has changed.. Everything has changed. This means they have changed not only where the missiles were directed but also from whence the missiles came …and in all those places where there was agreement on sending the missiles; in the places where there is ignorance and wisdom, change has come and change will now be accelerated. If you woke up already, The Sidestep Fandango Tango will not be too difficult. If you have not woken up. You will be woken up or you will be mulched and probably, in some cases, not even notice. You’ll just be gone.
There is a lot of leeway in the future that is to become the present, depending on how present you are. There’s a cosmic truth going around that you won’t be present if you can’t be present. You can even wake up and smell the bodies burning, if you know anything about the nature of desire.
Speaking of mass media, you can see other shifts, ahead of certain actions coming, that are very different at those locations. Look around you and see if you notice anything. I’m not listing them all, it would not be possible in this limited format and I don’t possess knowledge of them all in any case.
I’m closing this posting out early today. I hope this is a one off. There’s plenty here for you to comment on and I’ll see you next posting, if there is one.
End Transmission…….


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