Work in Progress Part 1

This is a continuation of the series, “Illuminati Profiles”. My personal experience with Illuminati mind slaves.


Lesson #3 It Does Go all the Way to the Top

PROFILE: Jill Beard claimed she was from California and related to a member of the Beach Boys. Her husband was Mike Beard. You could tell that, in her younger years, she was probably attractive. Her son was on the “modeling” circuit. Often, these runway shows were actually ways to model children forced into prostitution to the Global Elite. Pick out one you like and place your order. Her daughter was obese and failing every subject in school (I saw her report card).

ILLUMINATI ROLE: Alleged “Monarch” programmed sex slave, breeder, infiltrator and high level child prostution.

HISTORY: Jill was recommended to me by Farmers Insurance as a telemarketing provider that I could use with the Utah Farmers Insurance Agents I managed. She did some work for me that was high quality, so I suggested a business partnership in a new marketing company.

When I filed a religious discrimination complaint on behalf of those I managed, Jill Beard, who was the managing member of the marketing company, began to double and triple bill my agents. She also recieved a $100,000 bribe from Farmers Insurance to destroy my reputation, business and finances. I pursued criminal charges against her.

That’s when I was visited by two “Secret Service Agents”. For the unitiated, the Secret Service has two roles. One is to prosecute counterfeiters. The other is to defend and protect the POTUS (President of the United States). They never said anything about “funny money” but they did tell me that if I pursued criminal charges against Jill Beard I would have the Secret Service and the Federal Government to deal with.

The agent was a woman. Young & attractive. A man came along with her but said nothing.

Now remember the purpose of the Secret Service. This wasn’t a counterfeiting issue, therefore, somehow my prosecution of Jill Beard was a threat to the President of the United States (George W. Bush). Its taken me awhile to piece things together, but, here goes…

I now believe that Jill Beard was involved in prostituting her son to the highest level politicians in the U.S., including the President of the United States (George W. Bush). It wouldn’t be the first time the Bush Administration was linked to child (homosexual) prostitutes. Thus, the Secret Service visit to my home.

I also believe that this could have led to various attempted assassinations against my person. (including my near-fatal car accident).

I also believe that Jill Beard’s involvement with her son’s “beauty pageants” and modeling was a way for her market him to the “Preditor in Chief” and other high profile, big-spending clients.

This wouldn’t be the first time that child modeling and so-called “beauty pageants” were used in this manner.

There are reports that this is what happened to Jon Benet Ramsey. I believe she was accidently killed during a sexual act with one of her parent’s customers. The evidence is very strong to support this viewpoint. Most of it graphic and disturbing. I quote:

John Ramsey’s daughter (from his first marriage), Elizabeth, had uncovered several vivid memories of Satanic, ritual sexual abuse after a failed suicide attempt (during the ensuing therapy sessions) in which her Father apparently played a major role in the rituals. Within several months of uncovering the memories and going ‘public’ with them (talking to friends and family members) she was dead – killed in a ‘freak’ car accident the manner in which has never been fully resolved to investigators satisfaction.

(12) JonBenet had expressed discomfort to her mother Patsy Ramsey concerning her ‘private place’ about two months before her death. Beginning app. two weeks before her murder, JonBenet began to talk – talk about scary people in long, black robes who gathered around her and stuck ‘things’ into her private place – things that hurt her. She also spoke vaguely of darkness around her and the possible use of candles.

Several of the Ramsey’s friends, friends from their Church, the Whites and the Fernies as well as others, heard this along with several of her teachers and questioned her about it. After JonBenet’s murder they went to the Police with the information but apparently due to the DA, nothing ever came of it. The friends from the Church abruptly ended their relationship(s) with the Ramsey’s and several of them openly stated they thought them guilty of murdering their daughter:

The Above link also talks about another man being in the house and talking in the background when the 911 call was made. Also DNA evidence on Jon Benet’s body demonstrated sexual abuse. I won’t go into the details here. To read more, go to the above link.

To think that parents would use their child in such a manner is beyond all of our comprehension. Yet, to the Illuminati, all of our children are community property and can be used as they see fit. Whether as mind-slaves in a child prostitution ring, or as sacrifices to their god Satan, our children are sold as their playthings.

High level Law Enforcement has become nothing more than another arm of the Illuminati. While children like Jon Benet die, they exist for no other reason than to “eliminate, intimidate, set-up and shut-up” the witnesses. They have tried everything they could with me and yet I still stand as God’s witness under His divine protection. Don’t be afraid of these monsters, help me expose them!

Another “Monarch Programming victim” also testified against President Ford and others as her customers. Her dad was her pimp and did the programming himself.

I will spend more time on this later.

Now, back to Jill Beard:

1. She was herself dysfunctional and addicted to gambling (addictions can be one manifestation of sexual abuse).

2. She was protected by the Secret Service no matter what crimes she committed. I was “set-up” in a traffic accident that left me crippled for going after her and others.

3. Her son spent a great deal of time on the “runway” as a child model. She often went out of town to “shows” with him.

4. Her daughter had no connection with her peers, was grossly obese and failing every subject in school. Enough to investigate abuse.

I will bet that her phone records, which I confiscated in a civil action, along with other records would be enough to connect all the dots. Don’t worry, if anything happens to me, they will be made public. I have had repeated break-ins at home and office in an attempt to confiscate them. Now I know why.