News Media Collaborated in 9-11 False Flag

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — Sept 11, 2013 (From Jan 11, 2012)

Edward Hendrie is a lawyer. His book, 9-11 – Enemies Foreign and Domestic builds a powerful case that 9-11 was an egregious fraud and act of treason perpetrated against the American people. Clearly, a large segment of the US political, military and media class is complicit in the mass murder and/or cover-up, from the President on down.
Hendrie dissects and discredits the official story, and places the blame on the Israeli Mossad. He presents the attack in the context of numerous other Zionist false flags against the US (Beirut Marine barracks, USS Liberty) designed to change US policy. Hendrie effectively explains the broad religious context, i.e. the Cabalist and Talmudic Jewish vendetta against mankind. I haven’t read anything for a while that so vividly exposes the control Illuminati bankers have over our lives.
Their ownership of the mass media is a large part of this control. Hendrie shows how the media was an active collaborator in the 9-11 fraud. As I suspected, no planes hit the Twin Towers or the Pentagon. The plane images were computer generated and synchronized with explosions in the buildings.
Hendrie shows that many of the “eye witnesses” were media employees and that many real eye witness reports of explosions but no planes were ignored. –
Furthermore, the BBC reported the collapse of WTC-7, a 47-floor building, 20 minutes before it occurred. AP and CNN prepared obituary pictures for the 9-11 passengers three days before the attack occurred.
It makes sense to me that since no plane crashed at Shanksville or at the Pentagon, no planes were involved  at the WTC either. These people have a consistent MO.