Pink Cancer Psyop Invades Boys Football

by  Sarah Gibson — ( Sept 11, 2013

I am a mom of 2 sons age eight and ten who play football. We just pulled our two sons out of Pop Warner football in Colorado because three of the team moms were forcing the coaches to order pink socks, wristbands and then requiring the boys to wear them for the whole month of October.
That is HALF of the season ….the uniforms would be altered to promote their agenda for breast cancer awareness. These are 8 year old boys !!!!!! Really ???
When we parents told the coaches we felt it was not appropriate, we were attacked verbally for hours via email by these other team moms.
The Pink Movement is a true political agenda with a powerful lobby and everyone has been forced to drink Pink Kool-Aid.
Very, very sad… it has now entered youth sports .
We currently have a family member fighting cancer and my mother in-law is a survivor of breast cancer. However, I simply don’t see why I need to drape my sons in pink and burden them with this very dark and sad marketing campaign during a youth football game. People need to stop using children as their billboards.
They claim the agenda is simply to have the boys wear pink….  to make everyone aware of breast cancer…. I guess so people will feel badly and be compelled to donate or … I don’t know… run and get mammograms?



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