Showcasing the Skells and Starving the Vampires

Visible Origami — Sept 11, 2013

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My fires are at a low ebb today (that’s some kind of a literary mistake, since water, not fire, ebbs). Given that, I’ll try to stay as optimistic and positive as I can, practicing reverse psychology on myself. The view from here is that some serious 3 dimensional chess is being played and the Syrian situation has been put into limbo, through the actions of some several good souls. This has led, directly, to a ‘presumed’ ‘wailing and gnashing of teeth’ among those doomed creatures, whose fate and destiny are on a timer; “tick, tick, tick, tick”
Since for me, the whole spectacle of life is for the purpose of demonstration, I tend to, automatically these days, look for what that demonstration might be. In consideration of everything I have been seeing for some time, it is pretty clear to me that the main demonstration taking place is to ‘showcase the skells’. Though I do not see a great deal of Zionist owned, Crass Media, I am, occasionally directly and more often, indirectly aware of their manufactured reportage of events. What happens in the process is that certain personages, who are thrust into the spotlight and are among the most bombastic and arrogant among us, are being given ample opportunity to show all the world what a terrible excuse for human beings they are. John McCain stands out and… what is this? That’s what it’s all about. The purpose of demonstration seems to be about showing us who the bad guys are. Chief among them, as a group, would be Israel and their dual national agents in the US and elsewhere. As everyone, most everywhere, has backed off, in the push to bomb Syria, all that remains are the hard ass puppets in Imperial America and of course, all those powerful Tribe organizations that wave the carrot and the stick There they are, isolated and alone, standing in the spotlight, ♫he got caught in the spotlight♫. It’s clear to me now that the reason for all the delays, setbacks and permitted outrages, is to let the awakening world see what has been going on for so long. I said I intended to stay positive and optimistic. This is both positive and optimistic. There is an end game in sight.
The canny maneuvering of certain players on the gameboard, has put the vampires off their stride. Now, being vampires, they are always consumed by bloodlust. They NEED to feed. When they cannot feed, their rage and wrath become terrible. If they are denied their feed for too long, they diminish until they are reduced to a half life hibernation. It doesn’t kill them, it just puts them in a continuous state of agonizing torment; not as much as they deserve but… it will do, for the moment.
Unfortunately for the world, the possibilities to feed have never been greater. This accounts, to a degree, for the size of their appetites. If they can’t feed by seducing the common mind and their leaders (as just happened) into supporting some horrific international incident then, they are left with their persistent motto, “thou shalt make war by way of deception.” They are nothing if not predictable to a penetrating mind, regardless of all subterfuge and deceptions.
The thing is, deception, insidious convolutions, Byzantine plotting, bait and switch, badger games and all the three card monte routines of the degenerating Crass Media, possesses an ever reducing impact because they are all being counterpointed by the efforts of Mr. Apocalypse. The Crass Media has been allowed to lie, obfuscate, omit and fabricate to their hearts content for a very long time. Now, even though the public is unaware of why it is, their desired impact is no longer effective. People are seeing through it. A few of us know why that is but… it is more important ‘that it is’. Why something is happening can be less important than what is happening when ‘what is happening’ is a highly desired end.
It should be clear, by now, to those of us that have been capable of seeing for awhile, that there are certain obvious facets to the whole manifest dance. Students of the hidden aspects of existence are aware that benevolence leads to benevolence, once your benevolence has exceed your debt. ‘They’ are aware of The Awakening. One need only read Brzezinski to discover that. This is why things like twerking and the commercial payoff for it, in relation to certain pop tarts, is being shown to the masses. To see the extremity to which the culture has come, you need look no further than this. It is very telling and the effort to feminize men; all of this being brought about by men who hate women, is as transparent as some of the costumes.
Yes, Mr. Apocalypse is a busy, busy archetype. We can expect much more of this and the attitude of the subject is clearly seen. This is the sort of personality we are dealing with when it come to those facilitating the nastiness that has been the hallmark of recent decades. Those ♫who squat behind the man who work the soft machine♫ are even worse. It’s one thing to be a witting or unwitting tool because of an excess of ambition, greed, hubris and appetite. It’s quite another thing to do evil for the sheer joy of it. I can’t say whether this sterling fellow is not an example of the latter. What I can say is that he is well on his way.
All of the things we have been seeing in recent days and weeks should all be telling us something. One of the things we are being told is that the bad guys can no longer act however they want. Something has changed in the climate of the human mind. Awakening is a matter of stages, levels, whereby a series of significant changes follow one another. You might call them stations of awareness and each one of them contains elements that transform the world as we know it. These are spontaneous occurrences, where some new propensity begins to make itself known, as an operating feature in the times where it appears. You might think of it as something like ‘critical mass’, except that it is a series of critical masses. Think of it as a color wheel that turns one color at a time over the backing light. One rotation includes everything necessary for transformation, within and without. Some are resistant. Some are too deeply asleep. Some are in direct defiance of it. On the positive side of it are all of us who are engaged at some level in the actual turning of that color wheel. Think of it as thousands of us with our shoulders to the wheel throughout each and every day. It’s a great big wheel. It takes a lot of energy to turn it. From what I can see, we are turning it and we’re getting help, of course.
Things don’t move at the speed that we think they should. There are reasons for that. Whenever you are dealing with archetypal realities and cosmic verities, as well as collective human inventions of long standing, like ‘time’, there are always very good reasons for anything being the way that it is. You have two possible positions you can take on any of it. One is to resist whatever it may be because it is not convenient for your timeline or your expectations and doesn’t come up on the computer screen of your understanding. Having true understanding is dependent on the possession of certain qualities that can only be acquired at great effort and expense. This means that they are rare and hard to come by. This is a time of darkness. It doesn’t get any darker than Kali Yuga, except in certain parts of Kali Yuga. This means the part of the population in serious torpor is very large and those free of the denser forms are few. This is mirrored in the temporal zone by the relationship between the population and the 1%. Changing what’s happening in the temporal zone is reliant on a change in the percentages consciousness wise. Given what’s been said here, for the minds capable of the analysis and computation, these are all positive things. Awakening continues and it gains a steeper incline with every new stage. Those left behind by inclination, indifference, or a comatose mindset, will be passed on to the specific spectrum that handles these states. It’s all very precisely arranged.
Where it is not precisely arranged is in the immediate present because the option for change is resident throughout the moment, which is always the moment because it is always, ‘now’. This is one of the basic tenets of enlightenment, being able to live in the eternal now and it points out at the same time that time is your enemy in a certain regard because it is an ‘artificial construct’. It is, in true fact, a prison, which is one of the reasons that you most notice it in prison.
There are a number of illusions here that are very difficult to break because they are collectively shared by nearly the whole of the population. Thankfully, Mr. Apocalypse has deigned to pay us a visit, just like he always does when things get like this. Expect the unexpected.
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