Queen warned Diana’s butler of mysterious ‘powers at work’

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II had warned the late Princess Diana’s Butler about mysterious “Powers at work”, the former Butler told an Inquest into Diana’s death.

Paul Burrell told the London inquest Monday that he had sought a meeting with The Queen to tell Her Majesty that Diana’s Mother, Frances Shand Kydd, had shredded some of the Princess’s personal documents.

Shand Kydd, according to Burrell, spent several days at Diana’s Kensington Palace Residence, going through the Princess’s belongings and shredding dozens of documents. He said he was worried those documents might be of “historical importance”, such as letters from Members of the Royal Family.

His meeting with Her Majesty took place at Buckingham Palace Dec 19, 1997, less than four months after Diana’s death, and lasted for at least an hour and a half.

Burrell said Her Majesty told him during the meeting: “Be careful, Paul. No one has been as close to a Member of my Family as you have.

“There are Powers at work in this Country of which We have no Knowledge. Do you understand?”

The former Butler said he had no idea who Her Majesty was referring to and did not think it polite to ask Her Majesty.

“One does not ask The Queen what Her Majesty means by something,” he said, but added that Her Majesty may have meant the Media, the Establishment, or the Security Services.

“I think it was just a general ‘be careful’ warning over many issues. Her Majesty is a good, kind and devout Lady. Her Majesty looks after Members of Staff who look after Her Majesty. I thought Her Majesty was just looking after me.”

He told the inquest that a Member of the Royal Family had warned Diana: “You need to be discreet, even in your own home, because they are listening to you all of the time.”

Burrell wrote down the name of the mystery Royal on a piece of paper and handed it to the Coroner, who did not disclose it to the Public.

The meeting that Burrell spoke about was responsible for the Butler being acquitted at a Trial six years ago in which he stood accused of stealing more than 300 items belonging to Diana and other Members of the Royalty.

The case collapsed sensationally after Her Majesty intervened on behalf of Burrell. He used to be Her Majesty’s Footman before becoming Diana’s Butler.

Half way through the Hearing, Her Majesty suddenly remembered crucial details of their 1997 meeting – and revealed that Burrell told Her Majesty that he was taking papers for safe keeping.