On the Move with the Murder and Money Junkies

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Sept 10, 2013

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Yesterday I wrote a post. I didn’t post it. It was a pretty intense indictment of the usual suspects, highlighting all of the things we know they’ve done, are doing, or likely intend to do. I’m not concerned about catching shit for going off on what, to my eyes, looks like the prelude to a horror show.
Here’s the general appearance of things and I won’t be telling you anything new. The Satanists in the corrupt, Zionist run, Arab countries, as well as the Satanists in the American administration, including their Israeli, mass murdering money and blackmail meisters are stymied. Here’s the litany, The Brits have stepped back. Given the banker control of that country, the counter forces must be considerable. The French premier is strutting around like a chipmunk who thinks it’s a rooster. There is no allied coalition, except for the aforementioned, depraved Arab interests, the centuries old enemy of humanity and the despotic figureheads, actively engaged in facilitating the fall of empire. Look out below!!!
Alright, since the war machine junkies are isolated and ignorantly brought the issue to congress, which, I think is going to work against their whole intent, it is now a matter of where, or when the next false flag goes down because John Kerry, stupidly, or with invisible help said, “Yea, if they want to give up those chemical weapons we won’t need to attack but… they won’t” It looks like he got finessed into a corner by his Russian counterpart and the Syrians gave a positive read on that too. The thing is, peace is not in the interest of the money and murder junkies. They want blood, they want huge costs; more profit and they want human torment and suffering to propitiate the house demons, who are the god’s of the nation of Israel. All these factors make a false flag certain.
It has to be a really heavy event. They might want to work it in one of those countries that has been resistant to sending lip service and bodies into the coming fray. The message would be, “this is what they get and what you WILL get if you don’t capitulate.” The other option is to shock the intransigence out of congress and the American people so that the imperious end of things can operate with a free hand.
Another problem is that they have been telegraphing their moves. This has given Russia, China, Iran, Hezbollah and others, all the time in the world to get their defenses in order. Keep in mind, we only know what we’ve been told by any particular news source, be it 24/7 lying Crass Media, or any of the alternative sites, which run from being disinfo portals to fairly legitimate. We only know what we’ve been told about accessible weaponry. I’d say there’s a lot we don’t know. I’d also say, they’re better set up than we’ve been told. By this time, there is no way under the sun that Obama doesn’t know exactly what he’s up to, in terms of the veracity of any information. He and those pushing for war, know there is no provocation besides the usual venality of the bankers, who are running the show. Obama is an evil monster. So is Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John McCain and Dame Lindsey Graham. These despicable characters are all in the hip pocket of the American, Satanic arm of the dual national Zionists, who are playing the disassociation game, trying to give the appearance that their support is having to be dragged out of them, when they are behind the whole thing to begin with. The victim card is being played by a number of shills, from different perspectives, who are railing against Obama and then inserting, ‘poor Israel’ over there in their stolen lands, just peacefully genociding Palestinians, running that big lawnmower of theirs, cutting grass. They’ve already got plenty on their plate sucking the lifeblood out of western economies, pushing their culture destroying, sexual agendas and generally operating as a form of turbo-charged, planet threatening parasites. What’s not to like.
I think they hit the US because they need the biggest amount of publicity and drama. They will get that there. In the same way they got maximum effectiveness out of the joint Mossad/FBI attack on Oklahoma City- because it was in the heartland and they managed to blow up a lot of children- I’d look for them to hit somewhere like Seattle, or one of those Christian demographics in the south. There’s good reason to think in terms of a dirty bomb that will kill thousands and there can be many gruesome photos, which wouldn’t be all that different from the graphics the public didn’t see of Israel’s white phosphorous Hell rain on Palestinian women and children (isn’t that a WMD, chemical weapon?), or all that depleted Uranium in Iraq (isn’t that a WMD, chemical weapon?). Well, there’s a bigger list than that, as only a part of the dreadful portfolio of the world’s biggest hypocrites and liars.
This next false flag has to have a 9/11 level impact. It has to stun and shock. It has to leave a manufactured blood trail to whomever they want to destroy. Things are not good for the globalist psychopaths. Just a couple of days ago, China took charge of a very important gas pipeline. While the Israeli mind controlled robots are engineering war after war, the BRIC countries are making economic arrangements.
If you’re in a position to, look for the sudden absence of important players from various potential target zones. This is a sign of where they want to hit. Look for a mysterious rise in various commodities trading, transport, energy and so forth. They will definitely telegraph this because they have to make their bids and moves ‘before’ they strike. With a good portion of the world watching, who were not watching before and all of those who have been watching all along, intensifying their focus, evidence is going to materialize.
They intend to kill tens of thousands. They want a big body count and they want horrible deaths. There is no low, nor any outrage they will not stoop to or commit. They are monsters.
In tandem with what’s coming, they’re going after everyone who is speaking truth to power. My Smoking Mirrors site was hacked and remains so, email accounts were hijacked and various harassments directed at this writer in recent days. Michael Rivero is under attack. I suspect it’s going on all over the place.
Many horrible things are taking place, while the world is distracted by talk of an attack on Syria. The money and murder junkies are up against Mr. Apocalypse. The public is on the march with various million person marches. Thousands of independent citizens are howling at the goblins occupying public office. The cat is out of the bag and it’s not a cat, it’s a rat. It’s a whole bunch of rats. Common sense tells them to run for the sewers and hide out for awhile, as their stooges go about their jobs. However, they are rats and they have big appetites and there’s all kinds of rotten things and decomposing bodies that might soon be laying out in some kind of infernal smorgasbord. What to do? What to do? On the one hand, survival instincts are broadcasting a serious alarm. Something is moving through the mix that was not there before. They’re not sure what it is. It keeps changing shape but… whatever it is is not friendly to rat culture. Rats, like cockroaches are born survivors. They need to feed and they need to feed another day too. It’s a lot like essential banker stress. They’re destroying the system due to unbridled greed and pathological insanity. They know there’s this point at which things will turn radically against them but… they need to stay until they have stolen everything but what if they don’t stop until it’s too late? What to do? What to do? Actually, they’re not in charge of what happens to them. They’re not in charge of anything. All of them are being allowed to believe what it is necessary for them to believe, in order to bring them to their inevitable fate. That’s what we’re looking at but… they can do some damage before they go so, be alert and be aware.
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