Amanda Lindhout – Patron Saint of Stupid

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — Sept 10, 2013

Amanda Lindhout was 27 in 2008 when she was taken hostage by Somalian mujaheddin and held for 15 months while her terrified mother back in Canada struggled to raise a large ransom. Before that happened, Amanda was starved, tortured and gang raped by her captors.
Amanda was a cocktail waitress in rural British Columbia when she decided to become a girl reporter and see the world.  Apart from a short stint as a freelancer for Iran’s Press TV in Iraq, and an Internet story from Afghanistan, she hadn’t accomplished much.
Nevertheless, she had the feminist superwoman complex. I have the world in the palm of my hand,” she wrote her journal. According to the NY Post, Amanda had no training and used “TV Reporting for Dummies” as her manual. She gave an interview in which she said every other journalist in Baghdad was too scared to leave the Green Zone. She called her fellow reporters — “fancypants.”
She convinces a boyfriend, Australian photographer Nigel Brennan to come along to Somalia. He was reluctant but “Amanda has enough confidence for them both.”
No matter that there no longer were any international bases of operation in Somalia, or that few journalists ventured in. For Amanda, this was a plus: “The truth was, I was glad for the lack of competition.”


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