Michael Rivero in the Crosshairs of the IRS, in Toadstool Nation

Smoking Mirrors — Sept 8, 2013

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In the run up and run by and runaway to all of these Central Banker wars, we have to be aware that there is another war talking place. It is a war that is equally important to the ones intent on making these other wars. It is a war in the defense of outrageous and insubstantial lies, as well as a war against those who disseminate the truth. In respect of the latter, let us consider Michael Rivero. Micheal Rivero was involved in Hollywood as some kind of production, special effects, computer graphic kind of a guy. I might have left out a part of his job description but let’s just say, he worked in a technical way in Tinsel Town. Along came the Vince Foster scam, where Hillary Clinton (the administration) and some black ops killers had Vince put down because Vince was in possession of certain information and there must have been the perception that that information was not only of the explosive kind …but it was also unsecured due to a perception that Vince Foster might not be a completely company man. Michael Rivero started running commentary on the killing of Vincent Foster, due to it not passing the smell test. One thing led to another and Michael was no longer gainfully employed in Tinsel Town. That led to the birth of What Really Happened, something like 20 years ago.

Michael Rivero of What Really Happened
For 20 years, Michael has been bringing it every day. A few years ago he revamped the presentation and color scheme of his site and as time has marched on, What Really Happened has marched on and become one of the major sources for truth seekers and truth tellers. Michael has been responsible for bringing a great many writers and websites to the attention of a wider audience, I’m one of them.
It’s safe to say that Michael is a thorn in the side of the monsters of the moment. In the shadows, of course, are the Central Bankers and various agents of Central Banker Nation (Israel) as well as high ranking Satanists and the representative of international corporations. These make up the bulk of the enemies of humanity. Michael is one of the knights of the roundtable, in our collective oppositions against these bloodthirsty beasts. When they want to bring you down, the first things they do is to look for questionable appetites and activities and then they work to get you into a compromising situation. If you are an easily compromised sort, meaning being low on integrity and big on self advancement they might approach you and offer you money and different kinds of upward mobility, like Alex Jones, Mike Adams and some of these newer popup, big web presences, that have come out of nowhere and are now bringing us the news; oftentimes it’s science fiction and Sorcha Faal types of ‘woo woo’. Sometimes you are a born, deep cover, poisonous viper, like Noam Chomsky and you get to wallow in the adulation of uninformed college students, with big ego chips on their shoulders. Sometimes you slither up through the media ranks and they help you get a maverick reputation like Greg Palast and that comes in handy when you are needed to shill for the government explanation about the Israeli orchestrated 9/11 attacks. Rachel Maddow, Tribe surrogate flunky, also falls into this category. Michael Rivero, fortunately and unfortunately, for him, does not fall into any of these categories. What do you do to a man that you can’t seduce or subdue any other way? You send the IRS in after them.
Of course, since personal income tax collection is not the law and is probably against the law, this makes it all the easier for them …because they can just strong-arm the situation AND they control the Zionist lackey, judiciary, across the sold out landscape of the criminal states of America. It should be a slam dunk AND… at any other time it might well be BUT… the empire is in free fall. Given that the Toads from Israel and the Trolls from elsewhere, are determined to engage in a military excursion, that is going to fail in a big way, it’s possible that all of their other collective and individual assaults, on those carrying the torch of liberty, will have to be put on the back burner and the back burner is not on.
This may be of small comfort to Michael at this time and that is why he needs the help of everyone who supports what he does and who has the good sense to realize that …as goes Micheal Rivero, so may well go you after. If you’ve ever thought about donating to Michael for all of his good work, this is the time. If you’re a lawyer out there, or anyone placed in a position where your help might be welcome, I implore you to offer your services. The more artillery he has at his back, the better he will fare. This we have seen in recent times where the government and Israeli push for yet another war, this time in Syria, has fallen on hard times, due to a rising public awareness that far too many of their elected representatives are contemptible shills.
This all hails back to that great exhortation; “gentlemen, if we do not hang together, we shall hang separately.” This is a very real consideration. Our enemy knows that their days are numbered, so they are pulling out all the stops, on the way to their destined and long overdue welcome into The Pit.
Whatever you can do for Michael, now is the time to do it. Send money if you can. Offer him your professional assistance. Send him your words of support. Engage in guerrilla efforts to bring this situation to the awareness of a wider public. Use your imagination. Michael has the benefit, of the proven evidence, of the IRS being used to suppress the opposition; whoever is perceived to be in opposition to the Satanic game plans of this unbelievably corrupt administration. It’s a given now, in the public awareness, that the IRS is a weapon employed by the Zionist controlled forces of Police State America. This provides evidence and argument for selective prosecution. That’s no small thing.
Michael feels that this assault on his livelihood and his life could well threaten the existence of What Really Happened. No doubt that is their intent. Let’s face it, they’re desperate. It’s come all too clearly to their attention, that the vast propaganda network of the Crass Media, is losing its ability to shape and control the minds of the wider public. By the day, more and more people are seeing through the lies. This is having the added effect of drawing the public’s attention to the alternative media; the real alternative media, not the skells who have been already named in this posting, excluding Michael. The increasing emergence of alternative media, has served the purpose of actually ‘informing’ the public. This is in line with the long term intentions of Mr. Apocalypse, which is ‘waking’ the public up. This runs counter to the dark dreams (nightmares) and murderous plans of the Central Bankers and all those bought out, sold out whores, who serve them and serve themselves.
The black riders are coming after the light bearers because their star is falling, while our star is rising. You have to consider the physics of the dynamic. They’re going down. They are observably going down in front of your eyes. Of course, we’re used to the overpowering stench and apparent might of the servants of The Pit but… they are the servants of The Pit and to The Pit they will return, possibly sooner rather than later. We only see how the cards are stacked from a manipulated perspective but… that perspective is being overridden by the emergent awareness, coming out of ‘the awakening’, courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse. We vastly outnumber them and as critical mass approaches, their certain doom approaches as well.
Michael and I are about as different as two people can be, in terms of how we form our perspectives. Michael is a committed atheist and I am everything but. Michael is a pure pragmatist. I employ pragmatism …but according to a different schematic. Despite the wide gulf between us, as to what we believe and how we come to our conclusions, we are both truth-seekers. I am clear that both of us are eager and willing to embrace the truth in whatever form it may arrive. I don’t agree with Michael on everything and I know that the reverse is also true but we’re on the same side, as far as our hopes for the future.
If there’s anything you can do, to show Michael your support, to help in lifting his spirits, to demonstrate your solidarity, I hope and trust that you will take this opportunity to do so. We’re all in this together, like it or not …and unless we do hang together, we certainly will hang separately.
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