The Cosmic Booming Process of the Approaching Avatar

Visible Origami — Sept 7, 2013

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Although weirdness continues with people who have inserted themselves into my life and who keep trying to play me, I’m not prone to emotional blackmail or any other chicanery these days. I now know if something looks suspicious, it is. I’m relying on the Big Kahuna in my life to take care of all details and I’m not going to concern myself with them. Things are what they are or they are not and what they are or are not, is not my concern. Everything will find it’s own place and level and if I don’t concern myself with it, then it doesn’t concern me. I can be deceived for a little while but once awakened, it doesn’t happen again. So, as expected, they’re pulling out all stops. Have at it with a will. I’m going to focus on what’s in front of me. That said, what better thing to do than to construct a real Origami (grin)?
If you haven’t heard the radio show with Robert Phoenix and me, you can catch it here. I’m inserting this principally because of the subject I intend to address today. During the interview with Robert, he asked me about hierarchies and the possibilities of contacting them (the invisible hierarchies). I was a little vague, scattered and roaming …because we had discussed so much already that it was a lot to jump into and listening afterwards, I thought, I could have said so much more and said it more clearly. This I now intend to do, inasmuch as I am able.
One of the things people do when they don’t know is… speculate. This, of course, is never a good idea because… it’s ‘speculative’. You don’t have to speculate though, all you have to do is apply the Hermes Trismegistus rule, “as above, so below, for the performance of the one thing”. The world we see ‘here’, is a shadow of the world we might see ‘there’. Perhaps ‘reflection’ is a better word, except that it is not a true reflection. It’s another one of those funhouse mirror things. What happens, over the long course of time, from better times to worse times, the further away we move from the last ‘visit by avatar’ is that the lower positions, in the upper hierarchy, are prone to being occupied by corrupt entities. The higher you go, the less likely this is, simply because this would upset the critical balance of what holds all things together.
As has been stated here, many times, when a new avatar comes on to the scene, his mode of entrance is from the highest plane downward, to a final precipitation into the manifest and… that can happen in different ways, depending on the unique character, qualities and needs of the avatar. The avatar is God, individualized for specific purpose …but containing access to all of the cosmic wealth of force and features of the ineffable. As I have said, you have to visualize the avatar with a broom; sweep broom, pushbroom; design your own Tarot card.
In order for the avatar to effectively do his job, he has to sweep out all of the spiderwebs, dust devils, cobwebs and sundry that collect over the long course of time, on the astral and other planes between the times of his previous and pending appearance. He sweeps out the ‘powers and principalities in high places’. He sweeps them out into the manifest for ‘the purpose of judgment’. I should point out that you might not see that judgment actualize on the manifest plane (and you may too). What happens is that the judgment is passed, to be carried out at whatever further locale that particular judgment is carried out. They are, ‘so informed’. The bad guys are told, just as Jesus Christ was known to speak to the reprobates and miscreants. He also offered forgiveness of the, “go and sin no more’ kind. The thing with hardened violators is that they often don’t want to hear it and the window of patience proffered to them is scorned and looked at as weakness. There’s nothing weak about the avatar.
In recent times, this is the single factor receiving the least attention. A few years ago you used to hear, ‘avatar this’ and ‘avatar that’. It’s been some long while since I personally have seen that word used anywhere; not that I get everywhere, cause I don’t , even though all of us are omnipresent in our cosmic self, though few of us are ”operationally’ linked up. My theory on why nothing is being said about the avatar is that he is directly engaged at this time and awareness of him is limited in the human spectrum. The avatar is, in fact, Mr. Apocalypse.
Some have said the avatar has been and gone. Some fools say it was Osho, no. Some say it was Meher Baba, no. Some say he’s not coming for awhile, no. Let me clarify something on which I am 100%. I’m not 100% every time. I am this time. There is NO limit to the avatar’s power and presence, according to the degree he wants to use it, in whichever theater of application he is disposed to use it in. The avatar is ‘here’, a decent time before he gets ‘here’ so that you can see him. Independent of that, he is still in operation on the physical plane. He accomplishes this by suddenly entering into the consciousness of whole groups of people for the purpose of mass demonstration, witness the ‘out of nowhere’ public groundswell of opposition to the pending assault on Syria. He accomplishes other things through specific tools among our numbers. He accomplishes things through the agency of Nature. He accomplishes things through motivating bad guys into certain courses of action, while simultaneously convincing them that actions leading to their self destruction are actually something else. There is an argument to be made that the avatar is coming in multiple persona’s on this occasion, due to the complexity of the times and the vastness of the population. I tend to favor that possibility, mostly because of things I have been told; keeping in mind, the avatar can be active within someone and then go dormant, then become active again and so forth.
The main question on matters of hierarchy, as brought to my attention by Robert Phoenix on the broadcast yesterday is… “How do I contact the hierarchy?” What I said was, you pick a persona that attracts you and meets your needs according to it’s duties and disposition. If you want sweet and intuitive, you seek out Green Tara, or another permutation of benevolent Lady Nature on the higher arc. If you are looking for a sense of immediate contact and assistance in your manifest life, you realize that Lord Ganesha is, of all the deities, the one closest to the material plane. If you are one whose heart swells at the thought of deity then Jesus Christ is a solid choice, as is the worship of Lord Krishna. The path of Christ is not an intellectual journey. If you are of a contemplative nature and you don’t ever want to come back here (grin) then the Amitabha Buddha is a good choice. If you have his name on your lips at your passing, he takes you into his Western Pure Land and if you are scheduled for reincarnation, you can take the rest of your incarnations there. That is a very attractive proposition. If you are a robust and positive personality and you like dramatic exchanges, then Lord Vivasvan is for you. If you like a blend of the intellectual path with that of the heart, then there are many choices in the Hindu tradition and certainly, Islam, via The Sufi Path is a good choice. The thing is, you HAVE TO decide on a persona, based on the inclinations of your own. It’s especially effective to find out what ray you are on. Alice Bailey’s Treatise on the Seven Rays is a good thing to read. Here’s volume one. You can find the rest of it by using a search engine. For those who are unaware of the existence of search engines, this is a facility that helps you find things on the internet. There are some who believe using a search engine means that the NSA is going to have pictures of them performing self abuse, or going to the bathroom. I’m no therapist for the treatment of anal retentiveness or the various forms of paranoia but if you use a search engine, you can find a professional near you. Some of them (in these days) might encourage you to perform self abuse in their office in order to help you get in ‘touch’ with yourself. They might even recommend that you attend some form of consciousness raising awareness, seminal seminar. This is why we have, ‘trusted professionals’. You will want to check out the menu on this webpage, which tells us of the connections between leather and spirituality; something I am sure we were all previously aware of (grin).
The invisible hierarchy is a vast and comprehensive space. Find your groove and stick with it. If you’ve come to the wrong location (for you), it’s altogether likely that representatives of that entity will facilitate your migration to the right department for you, “You go down the hall to the elevator and take it to the 6th floor. Turn right out of the elevator and it’s the 3rd door on your left.”
Well, the days of crisis continue. Keep your eyes especially upon September 14-15. these are special days when the blood lust murder freaks like to sacrifice others to their dark God. The earthly representatives of this arch demon are hard at work, pushing for blood sacrifice. They’re having a hard time of it at the moment so… likely they’ll blow something up and blame it on Syria, like they did with the gassing, which they provided the poison gas for.
It’s a fine time for any and all of us to remind ourselves that there is an avatar engaged at some, or several, levels and keying on this might incorporate you into the program. When you are a useful tool, you are put to use. You are also valued as well, at least when you are employed by the good guys. Otherwise, you might get mulched, once you’ve been utilized for some less than desirable task, on behalf of the bad guys, given there being no honor among thieves.
You can talk to the avatar. You can talk to anyone. It might take a little time to travel upon the ethers but it will get there. The avatar and company are constantly on the lookout for willing souls, who are in search of truly gainful employment. Whatever your real skills may be, you could well find yourself using them; something to think about.
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