Dancing with the Stars, Mr. Apocalypse, Eclipses Mr. False Flag

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Sept 6, 2013

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I love it when some perspicacious soul, catches nuance and shares it with us, like this photo of David Cameron in the aftermath of being snubbed by war criminal and race traitor (grin), Bwak! Howdy Doody, Obama, as if it were Cameron’s fault. He was doing his best to be a war criminal too, it’s just that he wasn’t ‘allowed to be’. I hate to belabor the point but… if there was EVER a time when you could be absolutely certain that Mr. False Flag was in the paddock, pissing all over himself, in preparation to stepping on his dick, this is the time. It’s usually a simulated race, played out by randy, out of control goats …but this year, it’s going to wind up as goat’s head soup. What about Putin, channeling Bobby Fischer, strike that, Boris Spassky? The Washington Post (can’t find the article but it’s on What Really Happened) then went and had an article about Putin and the Russians coming to Congress and the comments following the article, trashed the Zionist owned, American governments shameful position on Syria. Americans from every side of the aisle are not buying this crap. I have never, in my life, seen such a collective reaction from what I formerly considered the dumbest demographic on this Earth. Mr. Apocalypse has a great big grin on his face and he’s doing the old soft shoe so good that Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson all rose up out of their graves to dig it. Nobody, NOBODY can dance and get down like Mr. Apocalypse.
The redoubtable astrology surgeon, Robert Phoenix, pointed out to me during our taping of today’s radio broadcast something interesting about John Kerry; as usual it was something I had failed to catch. Whether it is true I couldn’t say but it was something to consider. He said something like, “That’s not John Kerry. I know John Kerry and he was no great shakes to begin with but he’s been replaced. He’s a clone or something.” See, things like this don’t occur to me but… they’ve been working on things like this for decades so… they have cloned sheep, why not cloned secretaries of state? Then he went on to point out the same thing about Kerry’s wife. I did notice something truly weird about Kerry and I posted a photo of him at the recent Origami. He looked seriously Satanic. I mentioned earlier that I saw this woman sitting behind him and (typical of me) I didn’t know who it was but the immediate impression I got was a depravity so deep and so apparent that it must have taken at least one lifetime to look so convincing. I hadn’t seen a corruption so deep and pervasive as this since I was playing Le Comte de St. Germaine during the French Revolution (kidding! …maybe). Robert could be right. I never think in terms of reptiles, shape shifters, souls being sucked out of living forms and the rest of that. All I know is comprehended in simpler but more generalized terms. You’d think for a guy who lives in the suburbs of Esoterica that I’d be more informed about this sort of thing but I’m blacked out from certain overviews because of the specialized (some would say, ‘limited) nature of my job description.
My heart is brimming with confidence of late and I don’t know why. Anyway you slice or dismember it, people are going to die. That’s a strange contrast between confident optimism and any kind of serious awareness of dreadful certainty. Still, I feel the ‘winds of change’ at my back and all of us have to die, ‘or change’ at some point. We’d rather it happened while we were sleeping but… it only happens because we are sleeping in the first place, so… wake up. There’s no better time in tens of thousands of years like right now. You can get sucked down by any of a countless number of whirlpools on the dark surface of the ocean, or sucked up by one of the much fewer, upwardly mobile whirlpools headed for exponential, quantum jumpland.
I stated earlier that the vote in the House of Representatives will fail. I’m feeling better about that by the minute. This makes it a guarantee that Mr. False Flag is going to be looking to tap dance with his two left feet but… after the bogus misdirection about who really gassed the Syrians, Mr. False Flag’s fly is going to be open and the immediate, instinctive reaction of the newly aroused public is going to be, without even thinking about it, that the whole thing stinks. Why is that going to be the uninformed, spontaneous reaction of Vox Populi? Well, kindred spirits, Mr. Apocalypse is not just dancing on the outside anymore, he’s dancing on the inside too now. He’s controlling the reactive side of the human mind. Bank on it. This is a point that needs to be made, just as human consciousness is divided into 3 sections; the subconscious (below the surface), the self conscious (the surface mind) and the super conscious (the higher mind and not often in use)… the cosmos has the same 3 divisions. That subconscious state is exemplified by processes that go on below the level of perceptual awareness, what you might think of as the gears and operations that are not seen; think of the workings of a seed as it germinates and prepares to break past the surface of the Earth. Then there is Nature in all of it’s visible being. Finally, there is whatever cosmic force is in the driver’s seat for whatever point, in any particular age ,you find yourself in. In this case it would be Mr. Apocalypse. He is the face and force of the moment. He’s the all powerful, moving initiative. This means we are in a state of progressive uncovering and the awakening that follows after the uncovering. If you get this, then you should be filled with optimism. This means that the dark entities are in the transiting mode of being, ‘dragged into the light’. Think about it.
What does this mean? This means all those self important pimps and their stable of whores find themselves in a position where everything they do, with a certain end in mind, are being turned about or hijacked into conditions they did not anticipate. You might argue, “Well, they’ve done alright for themselves for some time now. What makes you think it’s any different now?” Take a look around you. Study what’s been different about the situation today in relation to what it was like ten years ago. It’s changing. You don’t have to take my word for it.
I love going to The Bard every now and again. He had all of the drama and farce of human interaction charted and defined. He said, “There is a destiny that shapes our ends.” I’m a student of something called, “Ageless Wisdom’. This is a system of timeless and enduring stationary truths that move from ground zero into an atmosphere so rarefied that only the very few are aware of them. This system precedes all religions. Religions emerge once superstition has taken hold of the human mind. At this point, culture has already entered into it’s slow and persistent death spiral. Then you get priests with their hands out, portraying themselves as intermediaries between God and humanity, for their own personal profit and the fattening of the coffers of the parasite church. This has led eventually to organization like The Catholic Church in possession of vast holdings of wealth and real estate. At one point, the Catholic Church was the world’s biggest landlord. Ironically, they owned The Watergate during the Nixon meltdown. Of course, as the perversion of truth, in the pursuit of self interest, increases over time, you also wind up with the church being representative of the widest spectrum of sexual perversion on the planet. If you can see all of this as being so, which it is, you should also be able to project that “There is a destiny that shapes our ends.” If you get this, it is because you have an open mind. If you don’t get it, it means some level of self interest has compromised your ability to see objectively and impartially. Is this not what happens, as if it were a contagious epidemic, during those times of extreme material darkness and seeming pre-eminence?
Think back upon what they once called ‘the glory that was Rome’. Once it seemed all powerful. What happened and… what followed it’s fall? Can you not see the parallels in the barbarians already past the gates; huge gangs in all of the major American cities and even in the smaller towns, Mexican cartels as a law unto themselves, that Frankenstein monster, Al Qaeda and all of the other splinter groups of certifiably insane individuals, who have no problem with marching 20 some people off of a bus and beheading them all, even babies. This won’t be going on everywhere but it is definitely going to be going on in all those teeming cities, where people are jammed up against each other and all it takes is for the fuel to stop coming, or for the power to go off. In only a very few days, the death and destruction will be unbelievable in terms of speed, size and pervasiveness.
I believe that electro-magnetics is not only a little understood source of power that can light the world but also that which powers flying saucers and other things. It is also a key to the mastery of human interaction and personal destiny. Your own electro-magnetic grid accounts for where you are located and what kinds of harms and benefits are attracted into your life. The mass of humanity is not much different from a monkey with it’s hand trapped in a clay vase, trying to get that mango but whose appetites and reluctance to release, cost it it’s life. This is what puts people all suited up in those jammed up business districts. They don’t think about it much but they figure they will be able to get out when trouble comes. Trouble doesn’t text message you or send you a dumb ass tweet. Very often we don’t even recognize trouble when it shows up. It could very well be ‘twerking’ in your face and you? You think it’s cool. Trouble often shows up as the thing you think you want the most. It’s a lot like a sexual relationship, very easy to get into and… not so easy to get out of.
It takes a long time to become a human being. If you’re not working at it all the way, it’s not going to just show up like a new outfit in your closet. It’s one of those things that has to be painstakingly sewn by hand. Too many people think they’re human. They think it was conferred on them on arrival and that it makes no difference if they act like a beast through their life, cause they’ll still be human. These are the sort of people who are all civilized and refined, so long as everything is going their way and they are not being directly confronted with necessity or danger. Once that happens though, the mask comes off to reveal the animal beneath; the monster under the mask. Your usually friendly neighbors are now perched behind their doors with shotgun in hand. There’s no telling what the wrong conditions will bring out in everyone you thought you knew.
Turn on your TV (actually don’t but- for the purpose of demonstration) and you will see the endless corporate push of consumerism. Buy more, consume more. Sooner or later you consume yourself.
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