The Final Implosion of the Catholic Church

Richard Evans — Sept 5, 2013

Dignity? Are they serious?

The new pope has issued a series of remarks that signal ‘revolution’ in a very bad sense.  He buried the 800-page dossier on the homosexual network of cardinals and bishops left for “his eyes only” by Benedict back in February.   If this pope were genuine his first order of business would have been sacking no less than five the first week.

He said “who am I to judge” (homosexuals)?  He told the International youth convention to go back to their diocese and “make a mess”.
It’s a nod to the homos and feminists lurking in the churches to act out and act up, and act up they are beginning to do.
Bay Area based “Dignity Defenders – a Catholic Leather Club” affiliated with the ‘San Francisco Leather Alliance’ held a three-day retreat at Catholic Passionist retreat center over Labor Day weekend.  The theme was “Integrating the S&M leather lifestyle with Spirituality”, led by Rev. Fr. Tom Bonacci.

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