Fifty Shades of Totally Jerking Off

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Sept 3, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Okay, Dr. Distracto is on the case again. You want to be rich and famous? It’s not hard, all you have to do is throw your integrity out of the window (providing you have any) and several other things like, self respect and… you know the drill. Then, you take any plot whatsoever, it doesn’t really matter and you write a book, filling it with kinky sex. If you want critical acclaim along with it, then you toss in a little pretentious philosophizing and tell yourself it’s art. See… the people who control this industry and related industries, are all for any version of sick shit you come up with. In a period of temporary insanity, a couple of years ago, I wrote a 600+ page, single spaced, pornographic novel. I knew it was killer and would sell in a major way. I was pretty excited about it. No, not that kind of excited. Then I was sitting in my chair and musing… “Do I really want to be associated with this book?” Sure, I was going to publish it anonymously but it would get out who the author was. I sat and thought and sat and thought and then I deleted the whole thing. Occasionally it will come into my mind and I will think, wow! What was that? The reason I knew it would hit in a big way, was that …aside from a whole lot of riveting sexual tapestries, it had a dynamite plot. “It was the usual thing I come up with”, he said, dismissively (grin). That’s how it is though. That’s how it is.
On a related matter, you got this. It’s what they are into; that fecal thing. ♫It’s yo thang, do what ya wanna do. I can’t tell you who (or what) to sock it too. It’s yo thang, it’s yo thang♫ …ad nauseum, This is why the art world is so anally focused and generally bankrupt of any inspiration. It’s just one more facet of the incremental push to destroy western civilization. The word is, ‘if you’re too stupid to see it happening, you damn well deserve it’. If you are also so dumb that you can’t even see them laughing at you while they do it, you definitely qualify as a joke. This general attitude is usually reinforced with bombast and ridiculous strutting around, sort of as if the personality of a chicken had taken over your formerly human persona. It stands to reason that you would be focused on shit, when your intention is to turn the world into shit. Though logic can be used to prove, or justify nearly everything, it is also very useful in cutting through the shit. The usual reason people don’t cut through the shit, or engage in long and complex, convoluted argumentation about what are relatively simple equations, is either that they are looking to make money out of it; their intent is to confuse you, or they’re just talking shit. You find this kind of thing among philosophers in any period of cultural decadence and you definitely find it among modern composes of classical music. You also, of course, find is deeply embedded in modern art and the Byzantine deconstructions of art critics.
Not that any of you will do it but… should you happen to find yourself on psychedelics, one of these days, see that you have on hand some Wittgenstein, Emmanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and The Way of Life by Lao Tzu. Try reading all of them for periods of time and see how your heart and mind respond to each of them, during that period of heightened awareness. I used to take psychedelics and go to museums. I also used to take them and stand in front of the various embassies in Washington D.C., the various landmarks and places like the Masonic Temple that wasn’t too far from DuPont Circle. Being under the influence of large portions of psychedelics and engaging in things like this can be very revealing. In the World of Dumbass you get all kinds of supercilious, self important twats, who sow their reams and reams of verbiage, amidst the white wine and cheese. Very often they will introduce their twaddle of logorrhea with something like, “What the artist is attempting to say here is”, unfortunately, after this introductory sentence, they go on and on and on, using words by weight, in order to add meaning to bullshit. This deserves another mention (of course, the author of the piece is-drum roll- a Tribe member). It’s utter depravity, cloaked in self righteousness and under the excuse of political necessity. What art has become, is a vehicle concentrated on legitimizing alternative sexual focuses. A great deal of performance art fits into this category. You always get that, “raising awareness” thing just before they dump you into a steaming pile of toxic shit. Alchemists across the century were obsessed with turning lead into gold. The reverse cabala, alchemists are obsessed with turning gold, or anything else they can get their hands on, into shit. Toss in a few gallons of blood and they won’t be needing any Viagra. That’s known as sick shit. AND… I’m neither being imaginative or exaggerating.
It’s right there on the surface and you can tell by the poisonous foam and sinister rainbow slicks that what lies in the depths is not pretty either. Still, people cannot, or refuse, to see this. Once again, they deserve what they get. They get dumped into the shit and once they are truly shit smeared clowns, they spontaneously combust. That’s called flaming shit and you get the added bennie of redolent, olfactory stimulation. Ah, that unmistakeable bouquet! Everybody’s a winner! It’s not ‘step right up’ though, it’s ‘step right off’.
If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. Like I said, there’s some kind of mesmerizing gas that blankets the planet and is much more dense in some areas than in others. It shields the critical eye from confrontation with reality and provides a simu-state that passes for real but it is not real. In this fog are all the negative resonances of false patriotism, terminal arrogance, primal fears and a host of retardants that serve to insulate most people from the truth …because the truth is much too dangerous for them to contemplate. There’s always the chance it might slip out into the conversation or you might encounter a moral crisis, where you are compelled to do the right thing. That can be painful to the sheltered existence you’ve been operating in. There are all kinds of problems that are connected to encounters with the truth. Your point of view becomes irrevocably altered. Your responsibilities change. The impact on your relationship with your friends can be devastating. After all, you have those friends based on your mutual agreements concerning the unreal. When the real shows up, the unreal goes into vapor mode.
There is this resistance in the human mind to having to come up against the truth and… what is the inevitable result of that? You come up against the truth in a much less pleasant way than you might have. What is the greatest crime taking place on the planet in these days? That is the concerted effort to turn Lady Nature into a whore. When you demean the sacred vessel of your own delivery, you set in motion ‘the bitch goddess’. It’s entirely up to you whether you encounter Green Tara in her benevolent aspect, (Sim? How about the cover to my album ‘Songwriter’ here?) Kali or Smashan Tara in their frightful aspect. It’s your call, Dipshit. You want to profane the timeless beauty of that most radiant being? Have at it, Pilgrim, you strange monks of a lesser God. You want to sup of the Soup of Darkness from the bottomless bowl of Blasphemy? You want to trod upon that which is so much greater than your meaningless lives? It’s said that the fall of man comes through women, given she is the temptation into the material realm but…it is only through woman that man shall rise again. Truer words have not been spoken. You want to seek exile in The Land of the Penisaurs, turning your back on that for which you no longer want the responsibility to love and cherish? Welcome to buttfuckers Perdition in the Kingdom of Sodom. I know so many of you don’t like my saying it. You got investments of all kinds, in either the performance angle, or in the fatuous, faux-egalitarian hypocrisies, where you strut and proclaim about the equality of all demon-strations. It is my contention that all of us are persuaded by most everything at one time or another. It’s a learning process but… only a fool does not see that this is nothing more than the surrender of one’s being to the corruptions of materialism and that is why the hatred of the ineffable is so prevalent among them; as seen in that twisted musical about gay Mormons. You’re really ‘cutting edge’ aren’t you? Uh huh. You’ll be finding out about that ‘cutting edge.’
We live in interesting times.
It’s not my way to indiscriminately dump on all of the alternative choices being made by people, seeking escape and the company of that spitting cobra in the swollen darkness. However, step by step, you march from stupidity to compliance, as you go seeking that …gone missing commonality. Good luck, you’re going to need it, once you discover there is no commonality in making deals with the devil.
You may have presumed needs that are ungovernable and most difficult to control; may the compassion of the invisible be upon you …but when you stop struggling and instead, opt out for justification and a complex and ineffective defense and rationalization of whatever… well, we’ll what we see when we see it.
So it goes, here in the land of blind lepers. You may not be missing body parts but you are assuredly missing things more critical. Live and learn or… don’t
End Transmission.
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