CIA’s Dalai Lama: Who Else Does he Serve?

by Paul — ( Sept 2, 2013

“Paul, 39, is a software engineer living in southern California”

The Dalai Lama: preaching the virtues of poverty while wearing a $60,000 gold watch. Click to enlarge

A few facts about him that might be worth knowing:

(1) The Dali Lama wears a $60,000+ solid gold Rolex wristwatch while giving speeches to the great unwashed masses about how much “fun it is to be poor”. In fact, he doesn’t just wear the wristwatch, but he makes the effort to turn it inside-out (so that the face is on the underside of the arm) and cover it up with several layers of Tibetan prayer bracelets.
In fact, I am fairly certain that Dali Lama is literally an official “brand ambassador” for the Rolex corporation (i.e., one of their official celebrity endorsers, essentially the same job that say Tiger Woods does for Tag Heuer).
(2) He’s not the “real” Dali Lama and he’s not the “only” Dali Lama.
If you were to go to Tibet, you would find no fewer than four or five other “Dali Lamas” all contending for the title of being the One and the Great “Dali Lama”, and the “Western” Dali Lama pictured above has probably the most dubious and most tenuous claim to that title of them all.

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