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Smoking Mirrors — September 2, 2013

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As a close friend of mine told me today, he’s stopped reading the news because it’s always the same thing. He’s decided just to drop out of it and spend his time surfing and looking in the horizon, so to speak. I can well understand. However, it’s gotten pretty dark of late. Is that the darkness before dawn? Or, is it the prelude to a yet deeper darkness? Is that light at the end of the tunnel a train, or the way out? These are good questions and I don’t know the answer to them but… seeing what is happening in Hungary and which is also being contemplated in various other countries; yes, this same thing is under consideration in other countries. You can’t argue with success and… don’t think all kinds of other localities aren’t seeing this. They are. This tends to tell me that it might be the dawn coming. It also tells me that the agents of the darkness are looking to go into hyper-drive. The next false flag is on the drawing board, as the varieties of location are being scouted. They are being scouted by intelligence agencies, answering to the criminal state of Israel and in concert with them is the Zionist kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Yes, the Saudi royalty, although portrayed as Islamic, for the purpose of deception, are anything but. Prince Bandar is an exceptional example of how vile an individual can get. It was he who facilitated the transfer of the chemical weapons from Israel into the hands of whoever launched them in Syria.
At the same time, monstrous, last ditch efforts are going on all over the globe and the bankers are, metaphorically speaking, tearing out their hair. The reason for this, although one would think they very much have the appearance of sustaining power, is that as a result of all their dark side occult shenanigans, they are also recently informed that they are screwed. Yes, they have been informed by the one upon whom they have relied for for so long, that their note has come due. They are in deep dung Jell-o and Saturn is their only playmate.
See… as they made their long term plans and plots, they were counseled and advised that it would go on forever. They would rule here and in Hell after. It’s a fine irony that such seemingly intelligent and decidedly clever creeps, would miss the inference concerning one of their master’s titles, which is (drum roll) Father of Lies. Yes, that’s his main title, the Father of Lies. What this means is that he strings you along so far as you are willing to go in certain directions and… if you’re one of the few of us that have chosen an alternative course, he attempts to dissuade you and set snares. You have to watch out. Another of his nicknames is ‘Old Scratch’. He’s called Old Scratch because so many people have various particular itches and he scratches them for you. That’s my take on it and you’re welcome to your take.
I bring this up because an agent from Fundieland came around recently to question my interpretation of a Biblical phrase, “Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment, Be not deceived”. You see, it’s one of the tenets of Fundie-speak to perpetuate the impression that the devil is on a kind of equal footing with God. The perception is that they are eternal enemies. This allows Fundie manipulators the opportunity to deceive the parishioners for the purpose of mass mind control and- of course- follow the money. The ‘chosen people’ scam is another of these lies, just like the lie that Jesus was Jewish. If you look at historical records there is no record of Jesus. Hey, don’t get angry with me. That’s how it is. Argue with the historians who collectively, for some reason, failed to produce or record the evidence of the founder icon of one of the world’s biggest religions, passing through this plane. Zeitgeist goes into this.
I’m not saying such a personage did not come and go here, quite the contrary but I’m not going into that. I’m just saying that much of what you think you know about this subject is wrong. It’s the truth of this, which vibrates below the surface of the mesmerized surface mind, that makes Christians so contentious and argumentative. They know there’s something wrong going on, even if they don’t know what it is. It is exemplified in all of the horrific things this particular religion has gotten up to, probably even before Constantine marched the whole schematic over to the dark side. Well, it’s not the only religion with this kind of a history. In every case where there are problems in execution of the professed tenets of the religion, meaning making war instead of peace and damning and demeaning everyone who doesn’t belong to their demographic, it is these things that account for it. This is the case with Sunni and Shiite. It’s pathetic how cold, stale dogma can exercise such power over what might be a beautiful thing. It explains how and why The Sufis came about. It explains all sorts of things about new movements and separations from a corrupt body that became nothing more than one more engine of materialism.
The truth about that scriptural phrase is that the devil works for God. Anyone who wants to find the truth can find the truth but you can’t find the truth if you want the truth to be something other than it is. The divine is either completely in control of everything, or not, your call. You can’t teach a fundie what’s real because fundies are like bad children. They need lined paper and they need heavy restrictions, mostly cause they don’t trust themselves. Like bad and undisciplined children they are petulant and spoiled. They’re also selfish and willful and they’ll hurt you if you obstruct them. They are the foot soldiers in the vast army of ignorance which made the attack on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and others possible. They are the nodding yahoos that are the supporting chorus for assaults on Syria and Iran. They are the sleepwalking evangelicals, under the thumb of the Zionist psychopaths, who herd them in lockstep, toward all manner of ugly industries. Jesus was a Syrian. I’ve no quarrel with real Christians who actually follow in the footsteps of the one they seek to emulate. My problem is with the petite bureaucrat, clerk mind of the Cromwell consciousness. My problem is with officious, small minded fools, who make a mockery of what they purport to believe in and whom no argument can sway away from their contemptuous offenses against others. They’re the ones who will come screeching around here, filled with their own self importance and presumed, vast comprehension of scripture. Well, I’ve read as much of it as any of you. The difference between us is in getting the point of the whole thing. This is why I am tolerant of all real religious courses, however they may not be being followed by those contending that they do. I know that all of these systems are imperfect efforts at understanding something that is beyond comprehension. So, instead, we get dogma and cant. We get redundancy and stupid rules that go against human nature and which results in all kinds of perverse behavior breaking through the weakest link in the chain. In the end it all comes down to sex. Sex is the big no no off limits thing except within the constraints of marriage. That shit doesn’t work.
So it is that we get the same commentator dropping his stage name and then coming back as an anonymous and not even possessing the imagination to alter his syntax, so as to be unidentifiable. This isn’t Dumb Ass Central here. Fairly bright minds are in operation here and irregardless of all the things I don’t catch, someone else here does.
I don’t make rules for other people. I make rules for myself and… if they are good rules, people follow them by example, without having them forced upon them by demagogues and self appointed interpreters of that which lies beyond the range of human understanding. The point is to know there is a metaphysical realm and to receive from it what is possible for you, more for some and less for others. Instead, we have fundie teletubbies and shmoos, who bang the drum for mass murder and are, unbelievably, at this point, unable to tell they are being lied to. When you are so bone dead stupid that you think that Michelin Tire Man, John Hagee is a sincere exponent of what he claims, you are stupid beyond the means by which to measure it. Millions of these duped fools are lusting for Armageddon in the hope that it will bring about the final days and all that prophecy stuff they have no clue about. They actually want this to happen. Many of them think that endless war in the Middle East is a good thing.
Anyway, what I really wanted to come in here and say today, before I got hijacked by whatever this was (grin), is that Hungary is a sign of big things on the horizon. Oh yes. So is what Russia just did in Cyprus and other things not yet brought to your attention but definitely taking place behind the curtain. It’s all about Mr. Apocalypse and he is steady ramping it up for the purpose of demonstration.
It might have been true for centuries that a smart person would steer an unoffensive course in respect of temporal authority but… the winds of change have arrived and if you are against the wind, you will be swept up and carried out to sea or somewhere else you are unlikely to return from. It’s not apparent to those trapped in the smoke of bad appetites and questionable desires. What has their attention is just that. If you want to see clearly, you have to be clear in your mind. You can’t have all kinds of contradictions going back and forth. They are there precisely for the purpose of making you an occupied zone. One way or another, maybe we all have to be an occupied zone, one way or another. Given that, you should be able to choose the occupier.
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