Rep. Ron Paul and Israel

My recent article ‘Ron Paul and the New World Order’ has triggered some fairly strong reactions amongst some of my readers. How dare you, they are saying, to malign the only decent contender in the U.S. presidential elections. Ron Paul has always voted against the Iraq war and financial aid for Israel. How can he be a tool of the Jewish merchant bankers if he votes against those things?

Sorry, guys, I hate to break the news, but there really is no Santa. Ever heard of a thing called ‘AIPAC’? If Ron Paul was able to get re-elected repeatedly after voting against bills supporting the Zionist entity, then he must have very powerful protection. And who other than our self-chosen rulers, that happy family of intermarried, mostly Jewish merchant bankers, the people at the top of the reserve banking scam food chain, could provide that kind of protection?

Without that self-proclaimed elite neither the ‘State’ of Israel nor that hoax called democracy would exist. They might have some kind of romantic weakness for their Middle-Eastern hobby farm, but what matters most in their decision making is their bottom line. And it’s not like that they all like the idea of rolling back centuries of Jewish emancipation and assimilation in favour of a ghetto state in the Middle-East only to be terrorised again by a bunch of Talmudian sickos dictating them in the minutest detail how to conduct their life.

The main motivation behind the Rothschilds’ and Warburgs’ support for the Zionist project is and always was control of the Middle Eastern oil reserves. That control became necessary when they sold the British government a whole new generation of war ships based on diesel rather than home produced coal. They couldn’t care less how many people – Jewish or not – got killed as a consequence. The Armenian genocide committed by the Rothschild financed crypto-Jewish Young Turks was set up to enrage Christian Westerners with Muslim Turkey in mental preparation for the break up of the Ottoman Empire. Both World War I and II were motivated not only by the usual greed – lending astronomical amounts of money to all sides of the conflict to pay for weapons they buy from the companies controlled by the same Jewish banks – but also by creating the conditions for the creation of the Jews-only state.

Similarly, the Iraq war was not only fought to increase Anglo-Judean control over the Middle-Eastern oil reserves, but to strengthen Apartheid Israel’s regional hegemony. Where does Ron Paul fit into all of this? Our self-chosen rulers need people like him to end wars without having achieved much, other than making obscene profits for the merchant banks of course. America is broke and the job Ron Paul has been chosen for by the self-chosen elite is to break the bad news to the American sheople and prescribe some very bitter pills. Giving away billions of dollars to Israel will no longer be a possibility. That’s why Israel is getting the Irkusk-Haifa pipeline. All that Iraqi oil will generate profits for the Zionist entity that go far beyond the 5 to 6 billions dollars per annum is has been receiving from U.S. tax payers.

In other words, the Jewish hobby farm is will taken care of and Ron Paul’s demands for an end to financial support for Israel is nothing but a token gesture. Our self-chosen rulers can concentrate on the one thing they love more than the state of Israel: making more profits. Ron Paul’s plan of reverting to the gold standard will allow them to do exactly that. By allowing the five Rothschild headed Jewish merchant banks to determine the amount of currency circulating in the U.S. economy, and I have no doubt that the E.U. and others will follow the U.S. move, those five banks will have total control over those economies. They can turn on and off economic booms and recessions as it best suits them, allowing them to maximise profits from their various money lending scams.

Democracy is a horse race where the ruling elite owns all the horses. And Ron Paul is their best horse.

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