The Dalai Lama: A CIA Agent

by Sandeep Parwaga — ( Sept 1, 2013

(Sandeep Parwaga, 25, is a Ph.D. candidate in psychology in the UK.)

In a society where liars and frauds are presented to us by the corporate media as the holy grail, I decided to investigate the Dalai Lama. I recalled the Dalai Lama admitted he was on the payroll of the CIA in the 1950s. [1] I suspect he still may be.
First a little history. Tibet was part of the Chinese empire until 1913 when it broke off and became de-facto independent. Contrary to the image of the Dalai Lama, many allege that he ran a dictatorial, feudal style regime, torturing and killing dissenters, crushing resistance and permitting other despicable brutalities. [2] and [3]
The Chinese eventually reconquered and annexed Tibet in 1951. The Dalai Lama fled to India where he established the exiled government with the financial help of the CIA. The CIA supported the Tibetan radicals to ‘isolate Communism’ training them on American soil and parachuting them into Tibet. This and similar activities came under the codename. “Operation Saint Circus.” [4] and [5]
The Dalai Lama also received direct CIA funding. “Funding” of course means bribes. Overt CIA support ended in 1974, after negative publicity. The Dalai Lama then created the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), which raises large sums, especially now since he became a house-hold name. The US State Dept. donates and I suspect so does the CIA.
Michael Backman, an Australian reporter, revealed that the Dalai Lama has put all of the important positions in the network into family hands. [6] Corruption seems to be an all-too-common. I suspect a lot of the money lands in his large robe pockets. Contrary to popular belief, there are Tibetans who oppose the Dalai Lama. One such is the Western Shugden Society, which has a trove of information including declassified documents about the CIA connection to the Dalai Lama. [7]



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