Ron Paul and the New World Order

As much as I hate to be a party pooper and destroy the last hope in Western democracy amongst many of my fellow dissidents, I’m increasingly convinced that the Bilderberg hysteria in the so-called independent media is all about building up Ron Paul as the next Republican president. They are trying to destract from the fact that Ron Paul’s agenda is giving the Rothschilds an even stronger stranglehold over the U.S. economy by going back to the old gold standard. The Rothschilds are the most powerful of five London based Jewish banks that set the worldwide gold price and thus the amount of paper money circulating in countries that adhere to the gold standard. By simply increasing or decreasing the gold price, the Jewish merchant bankers will be able to determine whether the U.S. economy is booming or in recession, giving them higher profits through money lending at inflated interest rates.

It would be naïve to think that it is a coincidence that the same ‘indy’ media who are the most raving supporters of Ron Paul, especially Alex Jones and the Jew-blind Prisonplanet, are also hyperventilating the strongest about the secretive Bilderberg conferences, while religiously avoiding all criticism of the Kosher Nostra and her hobby farm in Palestine. You only need to watch Alex Jones’ ‘Endgame’ video. It’s all about old European aristocratic elites – the Queen of the Netherlands and the King of Spain – and nothing about the Jewish money changers. Ironically, Queen Elizabeth II is spared in most of the ‘Ruling Elite’ bashing, probably because of her incestuous relationship with the Rothschilds.

Ron Paul is most likely part of a sophisticated Republican plot to destroy the Democratic Party. While an orchestrated campaign by the likes of Jimmy Carter and the professores Walt and Mearsheimer is making it increasingly difficult for Jewish groups to display their traditional favouritism for the Democratic party, more and more unsavoury details of Republican frontrunner Giuliani are leaked to the public and the mainstream media like the New York Times and AOL are incredibly amateurish in their ‘suppression’ of candidate Ron Paul. In the coming weeks and months, we will no doubt see what’s already called the ‘Ron Paul revolution’, a tsunami of mainstream media hype on the ‘grassroots’ candidate. The Danish investment bank Saxo is already predicting that he will be the next American president.

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