BBC’s Newsnight: The Jewish Drive For War

Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For August 31, 2013

It was grim tonight on Newsnight, the BBC’s flagship late night political magazine. There was no upside, seemingly, to Cameron’s defeat in parliament last night. Not a single sigh of relief. The entire inquest was about Britain’s potential ‘loss of international credibility’ and the like. Warmongering ex-soldier Paddy Ashdown was wheeled on to call it a “bad day for Britain”.
The ‘evidence’ against Assad was not doubted by anyone on view, excepting perhaps government critic Diane Abbott who was so on the defensive she didn’t have time to mention that the majority in the UK simply do not believe the ‘intelligence’ that is being stuck in our faces morning, noon and night.
We’ve been here before.
We understand why these scumbags lie.
The other three main interviewed guests during the programme were:
A Jewish French politician called Bernard-Henri Levy, who waxed lyrical about “the humanitarian war in Libya”, his love for Britain and how this was the first time we had “disappointed him”.
A Jewish Conservative politician called Brooks Newmark, supporting Mr Cameron’s warmongering performance.
A woman who “asked to be known as” Dr. Rosa.
Dr. Rosa had played a major part in a horrible news report showing an (apparently) very recent attack in northern Syria on a children’s playground (of all places) using another chemical weapon, something like napalm, that appeared to inflict horrible burns to its victims. This young female doctor is obviously Jewish. How unlikely is it that she would be so moved by the suffering of Syrian rebels that she put herself in harm’s way to support and treat them during their trials. Well, she supported them during the filming but she didn’t hang around very long because she was back in the London BBC TV studio like a speeding bullet. One might have given her the benefit of the doubt, that she was a very dedicated humanitarian, if she had not been so ferociously pushing the case for western intervention against the Assad government. These poor suffering people really do deserve a proper war.
Her performance made me suspicious. Was this, one wondered:
A) a good doctor who’s heart was breaking over the suffering caused to poor Syrians or
B) a Jewish psy-op carefully crafted to bring American/NATO weapons of war raining down on the heads of Israel’s enemies?
The BBC reporter who captured theschool playground atrocity was Ian Pannell, who has shown a remarkable ability to be on the spot when such horrors take place. Some have expressed suspicions about his reporting, elsewhere he is accused of being MI6.
We’ve seen 9/11. We have a very good idea how that came about.
We’ve seen 7/7 and the rest.
When these people want war anything is possible.
It would not surprise me if:
A) the event was an entirely fabricated piece of theatre (we see no missing body parts only ugly falsifiable surface effects), or….
B) Mr Pannell and the heartbroken Dr Rosa called in the strike on the playground prior to filming its consequences.
The evidence suggests that Israel and its accomplices are absolutely determined to remove Assad and bring about regime change in Iran.
They will stop at nothing.
Expect false flags.
These people will not pull back until they achieve their goal ….
…..or the whole world is in flames.


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