Crank up that New and Improved, Old False Flag

Smoking Mirrors — August 30, 2013

(Visible’s new novel is due to be released any day now. Stay tuned)
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What time is it? No it’s not Howdy Doody time, or maybe, actually, it is. That would mean it’s two different times at the same time. Yes, it’s False Flag time. It’s false flag time because of this. It’s false flag time because the need for ♫my endless war♫ to the tune of Endless Love. It’s false flag time because Israel wants what they want, no matter what the cost is, as long as it costs them nothing. Eventually this will happen and for the good of the human race it can’t come too soon. Mr. Apocalypse is definitely on the set. The bloodthirsty fools who are not inclined to change their ways, may or may not be aware of Mr. Apocalypse. Some of them are and some of them are just tools. Meanwhile, very strange things are going on. Consider the case of Ed Miliband, whom David Cameron just referred to as a ‘fucking cunt’ and a ‘copper bottom shit’. Possibly, someone out there, possibly someone from the U.K. would be so kind as to tell me what constitutes a ‘copper bottomed shit’. Why not some other metal? Do copper and shit have some sort of history, a working relationship? I am neither a shit, nor a copper tech, however, someone out there is either or both.
Our problem, as a population is easily identified and- it goes without saying- their policy is in the hands of Israel, the world’s biggest crime syndicate and- like I said- it’s that time again; false flag time and some of the same personnel from the last false flag, will be on hand in various location options. What makes this particular location option attractive, is that that location is under the control of a very highly placed psychopath, named Rahm Emmanuel. We’ll just have to file his last name under the heading, ‘cosmic irony’, given that a more suitable name might be, Rahm AntiChrist or Rahm Murderman, presently serving as mayor of America’s most violence prone city. I’m guessing there is a direct connection between Satanic blood sacrifices and the surging violence of that city. We’re past the point where there is anything so nasty that we cannot believe men like this are capable of it.
Things are truly out of control on the American mainland. The bad guys are the good guys and the good guys are the bad guys. The extent of social corruption and vile Satanic industry at the hands of the Gay Talmudian movement is off the charts. It has officially exposed it’s deeper intentions in as graphic and dramatic a fashion as possible. If this is what we are seeing (note the responses of those in the audience at that play), what do you think they might be up to behind closed doors?
Here is the basic reality that is brought about when Mr. Apocalypse does his Baron Samedi thing up out of the sleeping chamber where he has been held in state (much like the main character in my new novel) for thousands of years, until the time arrived for his entrance upon the stage of existence, for the purpose of demonstration. The basic reality is that an irresistible and- by degrees -gradual awakening of the public takes place. At the same time, those in the grip of evil become increasingly more evil by the day. They have no choice. Their dark master, who is indirectly employed by the one who directs Mr. Apocalypse, motivates them to these behaviors, for the purpose of evidence gathering to be presented in a higher court and-quite possibly- in temporal courts as well. Mr. Apocalypse does not only reveal that which was formerly hidden. He identifies it as well and he also renders it increasingly powerless and tuns it into an enemy of itself. Mr. Apocalypse is a tool, an ingenious, multitasking cosmic instrument and your role, in all of this, comes down to whether you trust Mr. Apocalypse, or you live in fear of ‘the powers that appear to be’. Their power is directly harvested from your fear. If you have no fear, they have no power. If you have no fear, they have no power. If you have no fear, they have no power. Got it? Good. Don’t got it? Bad.
As Mr. Visible, a willing agent of Mr. Apocalypse, writes this posting, he is watching “Enemy of the State” (note when they mention the birthdate of John Voight’s character. He was born on 9/11 and the film was done before the event) That film, along with “The International” are two of the most powerful and trenchant statements to come out in a long time. Let’s face it, there are some very bad things happening. Some of these things may only be the result of ignorant greed. However, with the recent discoveries of so much oil in Venezuela, Brazil and Australia, rivaling and surpassing what was the volume of the previous reserves, even that which looks like ignorant greed, now looks like just another act of global genocide. Make no mistake, multinational corporations are stone cold evil and they haven’t gotten less evil since the days when United Fruit and Coca Cola were operating hit squads in Central and South America. This is only one of the films that have come out about murderous firms like Nestles. You would be most surprised at how many other concerns and firms Nestles owns. Someone needs to post these so that none of us buy from any of them. Consonant with this are all sorts of crisis tech that’s in production. I am no fan of that particular website. The guy running it is that kind of major self promoting sort and gives off some suspicious vibes as far as I am concerned. I bring it up once and hopefully won’t have to again. Keep in mind that the intelligence services have been launching all kinds of web sites to monitor and control what comes to the public attention. I feel the same way about the Raw Story site.
The Synagogue of Satan is not pleased with the incremental revealing of their horrific agendas. Keep in mind that these are early days for them. The whole of the cosmos is against them. They shall not, they will not prevail. Their days and hours are numbered. They feel the heat of the breath of fire upon the napes of their necks. Their future place of residence is calling. Some things are fixed and some things are not. This is fixed.
In between times, they and their little goblins are hard at work. The darkness continues and the dawn is breaking. Nothing can stop this process, anymore than they can stop the sun in it’s course, or alter the orbit path of the planets. This is what we must all keep in mind. This is a sure fire palliative for our fear; knowing who and what has our backs. It is a sure fire amplifier for our fear; not knowing what has our backs.
The powers that think they are, are hamstrung. Their Israeli masters are outraged. They are not used to being stymied . They are not used to being unable to get their proxies to kill on command. This is why, that old false flag is on the front burner. It’s like an armed time bomb. It is set to go off in various locations at any time. They’re choosing the manner and means at the moment. They want maximum effectiveness and they are very worried about how it will play. It’s a sure bet that a good number of people will know it is a put up job and it’s a sure bet that Mr. Apocalypse is on the job and that “all things work for good for those who etc” On that note, I’ll leave you with your thoughts on the matter. One day, between one post and another, the whole world will have changed.
Watch out for Labor Day and also the fifteenth coming up. It goes without saying that 9/11 is between them.
One might want to keep this in mind  and definitely note the name ‘Baal’ Shem Tov.
Baal? One of them actually got named Baal? apparently Baal is not a negative for these… these… these… words fail me.
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