Syria: New Horrors!!

Rixon Stewart — August 30, 2013

British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks during the parliamentary debate over Syria. Click to enlarge

Just when you thought Western propaganda over Syria couldn’t any worse it does.
First we had claims that Assad had launched chemical weapons attacks on his own people. The alleged attacks prompted Britain and the U.S. to move toward some kind of military intervention. Despite the emergence of evidence that foreign-backed ‘Syrian rebels’ had actually launched the chemical weapons attacks.
However, far from supporting military action in response to Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons the Western public has remained largely unconvinced. Maybe having learned from the fiasco surrounding Saddam Hussein’s alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction, recent surveys indicate that the majority of Americans are opposed to military intervention in Syria.
The British are similarly unenthusiastic. In a surprising development on Thursday night the British parliament rejected a motion authorising the use of force against Syria.
So reports about Assad’s use of chemical weapons obviously aren’t having the desired effect, at least as far as the powers that be are concerned. For far from being motivated to call for action against Assad, the Western public are responding with cynicism and in some cases outright scepticism.
The fallout from Saddam’s mythical WMDs remains clear and many MPs now appear unconvinced by arguments for the use of force.
As are many of the public.
So how are the powers that be to convince an increasingly sceptical public that something must be done? Especially when claims about Syria’s use of chemical weapons hasn’t entirely convinced them?
Cue the BBC.

BBC reporter Ian Pannell in Aleppo, allegedly trapped by the fighting there. Click to enlarge

While British MPs were still in heated debate over the issue on Thursday night the BBC broadcast a preliminary news report — and I call it that advisedly — over a fresh atrocity committed by the Syrian government.
It was almost as if the BBC wanted to sway those still unconvinced by claims of Assad’s use of chemical weapons attacks. Instead of “chemical weapons” though the Syrians have now allegedly resorted to the use of a “napalm-like” substance.
According to BBC correspondent Ian Pannell, a fighter jet had dropped incendiary bombs “over a school playground” in northern Syria, leaving “scores of children with napalm like burns over their bodies“.
Moreover, this was more than a mistake or miscalculation but apparently a deliberate targeting of children. As witnesses told a BBC team led by Pannell:
“…a fighter jet had repeatedly flown overhead, as if searching for a target, before dropping the bomb.
“The attack killed more than 10 pupils and left many more seriously injured, the BBC said.”
Is this new atrocity fresh “evidence” that at the very least Assad should be reprimanded, if not overthrown?
Before readers demand that “something must be done”, a little background on BBC reporter Ian Pannell.
Ian Pannell is something of an expert on terrorism, having ridden in person through Alleppo with Al Qaeda affiliates, before Syrian government forces recaptured it.
So how did a BBC reporter ride with members of a known Al Qaeda affiliate through the streets of a city they held, if only briefly? The BBC claims Ian Pannell and his cameraman Darren Conway were “trapped by the fighting” in Alleppo. Fortuitously it seems, as Pannell and his cameraman went onto to win an award for front-line reporting in recognition of their efforts.
However, this ignores the fact that Western intelligence has had known links with al Qaeda from the start, despite their ostensibly being at odds. Is this what really allowed Ian Pannall to ride with them through the captured city of Alleppo?
Did British intelligence introduce Pannell to the Al Qaeda affiliate in the hope of obtaining more favourable coverage of their proxies than they had hitherto received? Did the BBC jump at the opportunity of obtaining some front line footage, from the (Western -backed) opposition side of the conflict?
If so Pannell would be the obvious man for the job. Earlier this year he reported on Syrian children who had been “forced to live underground to escape the conflict”. While in May, working with the Western-backed ‘Syrian opposition’ he gathered evidence of massacres carried out by government forces in Western Syria.
So more than being a BBC reporter, Ian Pannell may be the intelligence services point man for media coverage in Syria. Meaning nothing he says or reports on about the conflict should be trusted.

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