The Ron Paul Technicolor Dream Machine

I’m assuming that everyone who comes here already knows what I’m talking about and has visited the same news sites that I do. I’m not a foreign correspondent. I wouldn’t be allowed to do that. I’m not about giving you links that I am sure you have seen. I trust that you will know what I’m talking about on various issues. This is to say, you are not alone. Many of us share the same hopes with the same passion for the future. We seek change and we seek freedom from those who oppress us… some more than others in all cases.

They have our world, these miserable psychopathic swine have our world- and we are bent to the wheel while they play one shell game after another, while they milk us like a dairy cow, while they control our lives in unpleasant ways. They’re liars and thieves and they are powerful the way shadows are when you mistake the shadow for the thing casting it.

I don’t buy their bullshit and I know that many of you do not either. We’ve had some bad generations coming round for awhile and they have been matched by the state of the world and the governments that we got. A lot of lives went down the drain. Your hopes and dreams are now hostage to foreign interests and your future is just a commodity on a board where you can’t play. Are we helpless? No.

Before we get into ‘us’ and ‘them’ let me say I’ve met a lot of good Republicans. I may disagree with them on points but I don’t doubt their humanity. I will say that I thought it nigh on impossible that I would ever support a Republican. I’ve come to see the wisdom of the phrase, “If you are not a liberal in your youth you have no heart and if you are not a conservative by the time you are forty, you have no brains.” That’s not exactly as it was first quoted but it’s attributed to some who said it less well …so this will do.

Ron Paul is a man of destiny. There is no doubt in my mind about this. He says, very clearly, what must be said. Some are suspicious that he hasn’t said anything about 9/11. Surely he knows, right? People… a campaign is one thing, what he does after is something else. I don’t doubt that there is much unsaid. Let’s be grateful for what he does say. How prudent do you think it would be for him to get into that now? They’d eat him alive.

What are your choices? Let’s see… you elect another member of the CFR or… not. I know, for reasons I choose not to go into, that the shit has barely started. It won’t ease up for another four years. In that time the world will transform beyond anything we recognize today.

I think, if they don’t shoot him, that Ron Paul wins. I believe I could guarantee that. That sounds like a fantastic claim doesn’t it? Let me clarify. A lot of people haven’t heard about Ron Paul yet, or if they have they haven’t investigated his positions. These are all people who will jump to him when they do hear. Those hypnotized by the media and suffering under the whip hand of the vampire overlords are just the sort of people who will welcome Ron Paul’s message like the approach of blessed spring after a harsh winter.

However, I do expect an attempt on his life. For now they’re working with slander as you have seen with the white supremacy issue. They’re working with ignoring him. They’re working with giving him limited, controlled face time in the hope that they can catch him out.

The problem for the psychopaths is that Ron Paul is clean. You can’t find any dirty deals in his background. That’s making the blood trafficking elite very nervous and THANK THE INVISBLE for an honest man. An honest man is dangerous.

Let’s face it people… there is a real elite. There is a group of dedicated sonsofbitches who are no more human than a piece of garden hose is a snake in a moment of hallucination. They mimic the human kind very well but it isn’t real. They’re the people who have tea with the president of Uzbekistan while people are being boiled in water as if they were a present day Samurai from the book “Shogun”… meditating on the exquisite sounds of the agony. It’s like Condolezza Rice shopping for shoes while Katrina drowned.

Through the Federal Reserve they have found the means to enslave you. I’d recommend seeing “The Money Changers”, you can download it free off the internet and that brings me to an important point. THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hallelujah for the internet. Without the internet I wouldn’t know near as much as I, unfortunately, do. Without the internet I wouldn’t be speaking to you right now. They never figured on the internet. Let me be clear when I say ‘they’, I’m not referring to Republicans vs. Democrats, as might appear from earlier in this piece. These non-human lampreys have no allegiance to party or country. Their allegiance is to themselves; not even to each other. They’d turn on one another in a heartbeat should the need occur.

I’ll define ‘they’ for you a bit; although it’s the same in the Orient as in the Occident. For now I will only mention Washington, London and Tel Aviv. Nowhere else is there such a clear and present danger to our humanity. Other dangers exist but they will only come into play when these forces sell out the landscape beneath you and put you into hock with another master who is still manipulated by the same forces.

David Rockefeller; the last of an evil offspring of Shelob by way of Mephistopheles is seldom mentioned. I’d give him a look see were I you. He’s the guy that brought you Henry Kissinger, applied Eugenics and much worse. There are a lot of these people lurking behind the people who go to Bilderberger and such. I’d look into Lord Rees Mogg and that Mellon-Sciafe guy. There’s a tight little coalition of dead souls who want to put the harm into Harm’s Way. Rupert Murdoch brings these people coffee.

The false Israelites make up a significant section of these blood-sucking weasels and don’t worry; they’ll blame it on the Jews and anyone handy later on. I’m not so happy with many Jewish leaders these days. If they can’t police their own then they are either stupid (something they have never been accused of) or complicit. Maybe they just like their guys being in charge and never ask what it costs. They had better start doing so.

If they are histories victims then there has to be more understanding on their part about what is being done in their name in Palestine and elsewhere. Maybe you don’t want to face the truth but you had better before the truth comes looking for you. During the time of the camps in World War Two it was Zionists who played as big a part in what happened as anyone else. That is fact.

I fully expect them to attempt to kill Ron Paul. I hope I am wrong but everyone previous who has sought to take control of the money away from those controlling it have met with unfortunate circumstances. If they do kill him, the outrage will be far greater than it ever has been before. We know a lot more now than we did. Once again it is thanks to the internet. You can kill the messenger but you cannot kill the message.

Make no mistake; these despicable forces are not Republican or Democrat. They are not Catholic or Jew. They are not any one color or nationality. They are not even human. In times past it has served their interests to blame one party, one religion, one color or nation for what they have done. They hide like poisonous chameleons among the peoples of the world. Be aware.

I have said many times that the best thing for the peoples of the world is to stop going to work and buy nothing that is not vital for sustaining life. Nothing would injure these predators more. It is the corporations and the banking interests who are behind the horrors of the time. The media is merely a tentacle of the octopus. Many of the major religions are corporations too. Even many of the charities are nothing more than vehicles for their influence. Open your eyes…

As powerful as these men and women are they can be had. Surely the ancient evil that dwells in the darkness of the human mind will find other agencies as new times appear. It is a fight that does not end. It is a fight that must be fought. Ron Paul is your opportunity to change the world for the better… even if only for a period of time. This is the world after all. If you do not seize this possibility there is no telling when it will come again.

Maybe I am a Ron Paul supporter after all.

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