Climbing Jacobs Ladder in WTF Country

Visible Origami — August 29, 2013

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Whew! This has to be one of the most memorable weeks in a very long time. Every time I get to some semblance of still water, another geyser or whirlpool shows up. We are in 24/7 WTF Country. Now several offers have come in for me (tentative but) and they dovetail right into the time sequence seemingly laid out for me over the next five months.
For those of you following the brouhaha over at Petri Dish comments, I just discovered that ‘Sauder’ is a Tribe name; no guarantee that that applies in this case but… heavy evidence if it does. It explains the contemptuous, dismissive and venomous reaction to my book. I mean… that was a far reach from the previous conversations taking place. Of course, the book deals intensively with Tribe affairs and meanwhile, some dozens of people have read the book, or most of it and have raved about it. His is the ‘only’ negative review and it happened in such a short span of time that he would have had to be reading it in ‘not put down’ mode to get back to me so quickly.
There are some that are amazed that I have discovered that I was being monitored by intelligence personnel, thinking that I should have known that all along. What this means is that many people do not fully grasp how my mind works. I see everything in terms of God’s action in my life. It’s how I’m wired. So I have spent more than the last several years, totally perplexed by inexplicable happenings for which I had no answers. I’ll admit that I am a bit Pollyanna. I haven’t considered myself important enough to pay attention to, with so many personalities out there, with much higher profiles. I can see now that that was misguided on my part. It sure explains a lot. Factoring this in, everything else makes perfect sense. It all falls together.
I don’t know what this bodes for me. The people I write about are unconscionable psychopaths but, one thing I do know is that my fate is in the hands of my invisible friends and I am fine with that and whatever decisions they make concerning me. By this time, some number of my visitors KNOW that I do have these friends and their appearance can be disconcerting and alarming. Some freak out. Some take it in stride. For me it is business as usual and doesn’t give me any unease because I know they are benevolent.
I’ve tried to explain to people a certain feature of it all so that they might better understand what’s what. Most would know that deities are powerful and can be unsettling. Fewer people know that angels and devas are not the sweet characters you see on greeting cards and at New Age Shit Shops. They are imposing and impressively powerful entities that can seriously shake a person up. Angels kill and restrain demons and demons can be quite powerful so… do the math.
I have tried to explain to people that whether you see an angel or a demon, is the result of your own makeup. Everyone should see the movie, “Jacob’s Ladder”. It is a teaching in metaphysics that when you see the devil, if you are not freaked and overwhelmed, you notice that there is a corona of light around his form. This is the angel that is hidden behind the fearsome aspect or appearance and the false image is a construction of your fears. It’s what ‘the dweller on the threshold’ is all about. For those who have mastered this detail, life is decidedly different than it is for most other people and fear no longer has any place in your life. You’re just not afraid anymore. You know what’s going on. You know that everything is for the purpose of demonstration and that appearances are a lie. You know there is an all powerful director, against which no other force can prevail. If you are aligned with it’s intent, you are an embodiment of the scriptural phrases, “that which is within you, is greater than that which is in the world” and ‘if God is for me, who can be against me?” Another bit of scripture of great power, for the understanding heart and mind is, “Even the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment, be not deceived.” This is one of those Biblical sayings that has been under regular rephrasing, so much so that it is not easy to find it in this form anymore. It’s been turned all around, just like the world we live in.
This is the Time of Mr. Apocalypse and, as I have discovered, he is as busy in my life as he is in anyone elses. Things that were once possible for the psychos among us are no longer and getting more difficult by the moment. Witness what is taking place in the UK at the moment and the hourly increasing number of congressional members, who are insisting on proof, even though they are, no doubt, under immense pressure from Israel. Netanyahu, by the way, is saying that Israel has no interest in getting into the conflict. They just want to protect themselves. That means, lay off all the responsibility, for a situation they created, on to the shoulders of those nations they are holding hostage by vice of usury, control of the currency, blackmail and threats.
Mr Apocalypse is intensifying his activities and his presence with every passing day. He’s exposing all manner of things. Those doing good and those doing ill, must needs all pay careful attention to this because the force of it is going exponential and you definitely want to swim with the current and not against it.
I know there are a lot of people who believe that the bad guys can harm and eliminate anyone they please but… this is not the case at all. Every human destiny is sacrosanct in terms of direction and result, with the exception of personal actions taking one out of that groove. Certainly, some are marked to be examples and warnings and what not. Some are meant to prosper and survive. We may not know, ourselves, which of these pertains to us …but we must proceed in faith as we go, certain of what lies beyond. What happens here is of less consequence than where one might wind up. Of course, in that sense, it is all highly consequential but… regardless of appearances, material life is of short duration by comparison with what lies beyond. This is not strictly true across the board. In some cases, you’re right back in with no more than a short breather. That’s usually not a good thing. There’s a lot of that going around these days, given the way animals are being treated and given the general focus of most people in their particular attractions and obsessions. Mind this doesn’t happen to you. It doesn’t have to.
We all have to remember that we are in a kind of ocean, just like the ones that surround so many land masses. We are swimming in an atmosphere and there are all kinds of fish bobbing around and many of them are swimming in schools, locked in to a group mind. This also implies a common destiny, which also can be not a good sign; ‘usually’ isn’t. There are also the usual assortment of simu-sharks and other rapacious creatures.
I have to return to my state of mind at this time. I am truly stunned. Of course, I haven’t shared a great deal of what has come together into portrait or landscape view. I’d rather not get swallowed up in the minutiae and I certainly don’t want to sit around analyzing all of the implications. You can get bogged down in all of that but for me, things tend to surface all on their own, over the course of time …because I have been working on my subconscious for decades through The Tarot and other mediums. One might say, it has a mind of its own (grin).
It never rains but it pours and to have so many, many things start to ping of of each other and to have a variety of situations all contain so many similar features, well, this puts paid to the idea of coincidence because there is a point where coincidence no longer applies. It just becomes too uncanny for coincidence to bear the weight. Things begin to ring and incidents, events and personnel, all begin to sing their own tune, they all start to vibrate off of one another and through this they serve to identify each other. We remember things that are close to each other in time. We remember things that are like unto each other and there are also other ways that different components have of coming to our attention.
There’s a kind of magnetism and interactive resonance that pulls on details and draws them into relation with each other. One might consider how the mind of a detective works; how the mind of a truthseeker works and how scientists come to startling discoveries and inventions; “it just came to me.” Sometimes these things appear in dreams and this is why certain creative people always know to sleep on things because problems and questions tend to resolve themselves overnight, as the subconscious makes order out of what was seemingly disparate and unrelated components or sequences.
I’m guessing we all need to pay more attention and me, certainly, not least of all. It’s shocking to suddenly be in totally unfamiliar waters, with totally new life forms, in a world where little is what it had appeared to be. It’s a real life Discovery Channel and the kicker is that one can’t argue with the evidence coming up in front of one. One might want to. One might seeks to put it to the side, or whatever it is that one does in these situations but none of these are to any avail. It just keeps coming up until you address it. That’s the reason it keeps coming up.
And a fine day to all of you!
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