The Voice of the White House December 23, 2007

“Christmas is upon us and a greatly reduced orgy of spending reigns. The bills come in January and since our houses have fallen in value this year, thanks to the criminal mortgage brokers, we can’t get a little loan to take care of the bills. In fact, we borrowed so much over the years on our home’s increasing value, on a deliberately inflated market, that there are now serious problems with high mortgage bills that are getting harder and harder to pay….in addition to the credit card rate increases (to cover the hundreds of thousands who are defaulting…the poor companies have to make a profit after all) What are we to do? The government won’t do anything but jabber so we muddle on and finally, after many discussions around the dinner table, we ditch the place, and the bills, and move somewhere else.

That actually isn’t me. I inherited my house and never borrowed a penny on it, in spite of floods of ads on the internet and reams of mail from crooked mortgage brokers (all of whom have fled to Aruba where they have been stashing their money for years now) so I have no mortgage and my only bills are the usual utility ones coupled with a rising property tax and insurance. Well, the middle class is starting to break up now, which is not a good sign, but the thieves have finished with their looting, thanks to an sympathetic administration, and the public has been raped again.

And more delightful news just before the Sacred Dollar Day. I know all of this from the inside so read on. I know people love conspiracy stories so I have a really nice one to chew on. When the Republicans bought and conned their way into the White House in 2000, Karl Rove, who got his fat ass out of town when he saw what would surely come, and a few decent fascist types, got together with both Bush and Cheney and decided to keep themselves in power in this country forever.

They would remove the 22nd Amendment that says a president can only serve two terms and rig the voting system in this country, as they did so well in Florida , and thus guarantee permanent Republican dominance. And, of course, once in power and being good fascists, they would prevent any public objections or, worse, any public rebellions against their supreme and permanent dictatorship, by establishing a pure police state that Hitler and Stalin would have easily identified with. Surveillance of all Americans was their theme and to date, they managed to put in all manner of systems under the completely phony pretext of protection against non-existent terrorists.

And to chinch all this up, they deliberately set out to fix the voting processes so they always won. Teams of technicians spread out across the land like a plague of mangy rats to mess with the new electronic voting systems. Of course Ohio-based Diebold was already firmly inside the circle but other systems were altered to rig any outcome in any political race so that, mystery of mysteries, Republicans always won. In a district where there were 2,500 registered voters, two thirds of them Democrats, Republicans were set to get 3,000 votes. Machines could easily be broken into, computer programs altered at will and so on.

The problem with this is that a huge stink arose when they tried this last time so the various states began to investigate the growing accusations of blatant fraud and now that Rove has fled and Bush has a popularity rating of 17% (according to a private but very accurate White House poll last week) the states are no longer afraid of threatened Republican retaliation and have begun to throw out the obviously rigged machines and set up safeguards to stop tampering and to install new systems that cannot be raped.

Top GOP people know this but they cannot threaten to retaliate as they could have two years ago so perhaps faked Republican “landslides” will be reduced to a few pebbles falling off the cliff.

In the next election, the American people need to oust the Larry Craigs and send them back to public lavatories for more furtive sex and ignore the religious freakies who chant about Jesus and want the Ten Commandments set up in every classroom and all science classes disbanded.

The public stables are filled with impacted Republican horseshit and someone needs to clean them out. Has anyone seen Hercules recently?

And have a really Merry Christmas, George and Laura, and may the Infant Jesus piss on your carpet just like George used to do on the White House rugs!”

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