Operation Paperclip and Werner Von Braun

Secret research papers belonging to the famous German rocket scientist Werner Von Braun, on physics and space rocket exploration went up for sale at Bonhams in Manhatten on December 4 2007.

The main paper, consisting of 166 pages written in 1934 for his PhD, including hand written charts and graphs, was considered so valuable it was seized by the German Military and remained classified as secret until 1960.

Von Braun had been instrumental in developing many of the nazi’s more advanced weapons, including the Vergeltungswaffen. Hitler’s revenge for the mass fire bombing of German cities, the Vergeltungswaffen or V2 was launched on London in September 1944.

Many historians view this as Hitler’s retribution for Britain refusing his peace overtures since 1941 and blaming the Germans for the Russian massacre of Polish POW’s in the Katyn Forest.

Braun was veiwed as a high value target by U.S. intelligence because of the key role had had played in the development of the V2.

Operation Paperclip was the evacuation of all the intelligentsia for Human intelligence gathering or Humintgath before the Russians could take them.

This resulted in over one hundred German scientists being brought to the U.S. together with secret research papers. Among these were papers on research into various propulsion techniques and experimental designs for electric lift magnets and U F O gyroscope type reconnaissance vehicles.

All of this ultimately led to Von Braun becoming director of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Centre, and the chief architect of the Saturn V launch vehicle and the Apollo program which put a man on the Moon.

Von Braun also worked with Nobel Prize winner Arthur Rudolph on Anti-satellite weapon research.

Von Braun who died in 1977, also worked with Walt Disney making educational films and became immensely popular.

Nonetheless both Von Braun and Rudolph were the focus of blackmail attempts by Mossad to steal classified information under the threat of smears against their names and remained targets for hate mongers who had axes to grind from W.W.II.

T Stokes

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The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence