Days of Reckoning and Mad Dogs

Kevin Boyle — August 28, 2013

So here we have it.
Another war for Israel.
Founded on lies.
It is pointless making obvious observations. Why would Syria use chemical weapons against cornered rebels in Damascus (of all places) when they were clearly winning the war? Why would Syria invite weapons inspectors into Syria before attacking rebels 15 miles from where inspectors were to stay?
The truth matters not.
Assad’s forces were winning and that cannot be allowed to happen.
Iran must be destroyed as a regional challenger to Israel. Iran must be brought under the globalists’ thumb.
Iran and Hezbolla in Lebanon understand that an attack on Syria is being carried out to disable the Assad government’s ability to defend itself.
Assad will inevitably be removed. Then the same fate awaits Iran and, obviously, Hezbolla who are so dependent on Syria and Iran.
Thus a western attack on Syria becomes, immediately, an existential matter of survival for Iran and Hezbolla.
If they intend to defend themselves, which they do and must, then waiting for Syria to be degraded would be simply stupid.
Hence, it is obvious that when Syria is attacked (unless there is some severe limitation and behind-the-scenes face-saving-for-the-US deal associated with this attack)
….Iran will attack Israel.
Then Russia and China will have to show their hands.
Days of reckoning are coming soon.
It looks like Israel is on its toes, absolutely ready to “go for it” too. A portion of the Temple Mount platform near the Al Aqsa Mosque has collapsed. Israel intends to demolish one of Islam’s holiest shrines and rebuild the Jewish temple on this spot, it would appear.
Do they know something we don’t or is this a case of hubris, head up its arse, running wild, mad-dog crazy?

General Moshe Dayan famously said, “Israel should be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.”

Netanyahu, Israeli cronies and Zionist allies in Washington and London should remember that the end for mad dogs is always the same.


They get put down.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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