A-Listing and Immanentizing the Eschaton in Blowjob Heaven

Reflections in a Petri Dish — August 28, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
What can you say about a guy like Ben Affleck? I suppose you could say he’s smarter than Miley Cyrus but… an Armadillo and a hedgehog are smarter than Miley Cyrus, so is a possum. All of them are more attractive and have a higher fuckability index and none of them suffer from spastic tongue. A feral cat has a much higher standard of morality than either of them. One thing that can be definitely stated is that steps should be taken to make sure they don’t breed with each other. Better Affleck stays with his intelligence asset wife, Jennifer Garner.
So, version two of Bennifer has finally gotten his payoff for doing Argos. Because the Marquis De Benster is an exceedingly vain man; not a good thing to be in this day and age (or any day and age), even though we have an epidemic of vain men and women in this time demographic, it wasn’t difficult to rope, or corral him into doing Argos. The CIA dropped by his place in Huron Village at Cambridge, near that CIA-Zionist controlled Tribe school, Harvard (they make up 25% of the student body) and they walked into his living room.
We’re guessing there were two of them, a man and a woman. Long time CIA-bot Jennifer offered them coffee and everyone made themselves comfy around the serving table. After some preliminary chit chat. The male end of the tandem said, “Ben, your country needs you. Israel needs you. There is a viral uproar across the internet about some of the hideous things this country is up to and we’ve been charged with ramping up the propaganda war (from our end) big time. People no longer believe that Stone Age Arabs did 9/11 and they are slowly but surely gravitating to the truth of who did 9/11. Ben… our greatest national wealth is our Central Bankers. They’re being threatened by a host of special interests who, somehow, have gotten the impression that they should get something out of life. The truth is Ben, as you know, everything belongs to the privileged, of which class you are a member. It doesn’t matter if there’s enough to go around for everyone. The whole point is that everyone should not have a fair share of our system. The way things are going, life as we prefer it to be, will soon be a thing of the past. We can’t have that Ben”.
Then the multi aerosol, spay lacquer, deodorized (and otherwise foul smelling) CIA chick steps in and say, “Ben, you’ve got the world by the balls. We know you want to keep it that way. Those who don’t play the game (as we are sure you intend to) can experience censure, slander and a complete vanishment of acting and directing opportunities; no more A list parties. One might well wind up in Randy Quaidville. This is what happens to those who don’t do their patriotic doody. If you help us Ben, you are going to find doors opening all over town because the force that runs this country also owns the entire entertainment industry. Ben, you’ll be in Blowjob Heaven! In fact, I’ll suck your dick right now, if Jennifer doesn’t mind”.
Jennifer responds, “Not at all, not at all” There’s a break in the conversation where we are only hearing slurping noises and then a cry of passionate release from Ben. The next thing we hear is the CIA chick saying, “See, Ben, the CIA also swallows. Could you say that about the competition?”
Ben nods and says, “I see where you’re coming from.” CIA chick says, “We see where you’re coming from too, Ben.” Everyone laughs while Ben gets himself more presentable for their home-schooled kids who are getting their first glimpse of what awaits ‘down’ the road. It’s the Hollywood version of “All in the Family”.
Yes, we’re happy for Ben and his contribution, as well as Jennifer’s to the holocaust pending for Syria at the hands of the holocaust kings; Israel and their Central Bankers, on the way to, they hope, wiping out Iran and then decimating Russia and China. This sequence won’t happen but, with psychopaths like all of the Central Bankers and the entire government of Israel, along with the majority of their population; including most of the members of most of the governments and pretty much anyone with hijacked and corrupted power, as well as large amounts of money stolen from the people, well, you can’t count on these demonic lifeforms to back up off of any opportunity to spill blood and engage in extended tortures of large masses of the public, in order to appease the Pit Dwellers they serve.
Ben? You and a host of other schweinehund from the dark side, are living (if you can call that living) proof of the extent to which ignorant and vain fools will go in the pursuit of self interest. What’s it like Ben, to have no shame? What’s it like Ben, to not give a shit about anyone but yourself and those ambulatory possessions you also consider your property and right? Don’t you just love smiling for the cameras? Do you get up in the morning Ben and look in the mirror and tell yourself what a fine fellow you are? Do you ever look back at the carnage in your wake, the bodies by the side of the road? Does it dawn on you, your part in the shitstorm of the day?
How’s it feel to hobnob with and be employed by monsters? I guess when everyone is dressed up in their tuxedos, they don’t’ look like monsters do they? But they are monsters, Ben. They are monsters and one day, Ben, you’ll be a monster too, just like all of your associates who are on their way to becoming monsters and engaged in breeding monsters and contributing to an indifferent overclass of the privileged.
The hour is come round at last for the coverslips of fear to be ripped off of the faces and machinations of the evil doers among us. At whatever point it occurs, I imagine a massive and collective sigh of relief when the Chosen Children of Satan are driven into The Pit and all of their terrible plans are come to naught and… they are joined by all the useful idiots and compromised fools, who waited in attendance on them for a place at the trough, who went along to get along, so that they could wallow in the fecal soup that is such a fascinating starter dish, for those whose primary fixation is upon that very substance and whose primary motivation is to turn the entire world into a flambe of the same.
I don’t know how long I’ll be around, or how long I’ll be around …but no longer around here, however… let my inflexible contempt for all of you be duly noted. Let me say, without hesitation that I find the lot of you to be despicable dung golems, lumbering blindly about and leaving hissing snail tracks of iridescent, stinking poisons as you pass. You and the noxious prince you serve, are responsible for all of the world’s ills. You’ve preempted the rights of everyone else, you’ve stolen their homes and their livelihoods. You’ve poisoned the Earth. You’ve made war far and wide and you are such terrific cowards that your most put upon victims, are the most defenseless among us. These are the ones whose lands and identities you have stolen in an impossible effort to legitimize yourself which, is a cosmic impossibility. The more you try, the more you expose yourselves as the odious murderers and thieves that you are. Your phonied up respectability is a riot to see. The wraps are coming off, clowns …and you are going down. Down to the bottom, down to that circle of Hell that is beyond the ninth circle, down to your true home, where you can endlessly entertain one another, until no memory remains of you in any civilized space.
People’s of the world! The Central Bankers are the enemy of humanity. Israel is the enemy of humanity. All who serve either, are accessories during and after the fact. Are there other monsters? Yes there are, but these are the worst of them. Now, with every step, their vulnerability increases. The cosmos opposes them. Lady Nature opposes them. All that is good and decent in life opposes them. They are anti-life. They are parasites. They are bottom feeding scum, as are those who bred them and their own offspring as well. Your time is coming.
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We’re more than halfway through the new novel, in our final proofing, before returning it for the last corrections. It will be out in a few days (digitally anyway).


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