Darkness at the Break of Noon as the Dawn Breaks and the Dung Beetle also Rises

Smoking Mirrors — August 27, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
(Given the utterly strange atmosphere and pending madness of the moment, a Visible Origami is out of the question and we must move directly to Smoking Mirrors.)
Where to begin? Where to begin? Let’s start with the external and then gravitate to the internal. Finally we see it in all it’s gruesome, deep and toxic purple. Finally we see the extent to which Israel and the central bankers control the push of history and the course of events. Surely this is for the purpose of demonstration and that demonstration is having the impact intended for the purpose of it’s demonstration. For most of us, the world is not what we thought it was. For some of us, even our own world and our own life is not what we thought it was. It is possible that nothing is what any (but a very few) of us thought it was or is. No longer can we say, “it is what it is” because it is not what it is, no more than it was what it was. We are at that point in the song when the man sings, ♫darkness at the break of news♫, We are not yet at the point though, where he sings, ♫There is no point in trying♫ However, at any point we can say, ♫It’s alright Ma, I’m only bleeding♫ Except, except… it’s not alright.
We now know what a feckless liar John Kerry and Chuck Hagel are. Whatever they have on Kerry must be truly no exit. We can have no doubt how corrupt Bwak! Obama is. There is a huge supporting cast in all of this and we will get to that and it’s all connected but… for now, let’s focus on the ‘dung that also rises’. Let us focus on the shit that floats atop the spoiled milk of a gone dead hierarchy and the lack of leadership that kayaks around it. How desperate they are, goes without saying. The swine who are strategically placed are all doing as they have been told to. The obvious is the super obvious. The ultimate reason, besides ultimate control, is always connected to the money. Follow the money. Yes, it is truly apparent what pressure, of their own making, they are under. It all comes back to the same thing. Like I said, it all comes down to the money. Oh yes, follow the money.
I can hear the Armageddon Train blowing it’s whistle, as it comes down the grade. I can see the crazed eyes of the engineer and the conductor as they stare through the windshield of this out of control conveyance, making it’s way down the long incline, into the midst of it all. I can see the crazed and glazed eyes of the manipulators and strategists, in the control centers and switching yards, as they play with the dials and watch the big board of all things, arrange themselves decidedly not in their favor and precipitating the desperate actions of desperate men.
What it all comes down to is; who is really in charge? You can’t be in charge, obviously, if you are not in charge and you can’t be in charge if things are out of control. Does this make sense? It does to me. So, if they are not in charge, since things are out of control and they are being forced into desperate actions then… who is in charge? It’s possible that the force behind all appearances of force and power is in charge and leading the Light (in the ass) Brigade into the Valley of Death. What we don’t know is if there are only six hundred of them, or less, or more. What we do know is that the force that is herding and controlling them, ostensibly, or more likely, covertly, works for the one who actually does control everything and this… this, ultimately works out in our favor, should we care to believe and operate according to this possibility. Ultimately we are the beneficiary or victim of what we put our faith in. If what we put our faith in is faithless, well, that’s leaves us where?
It isn’t my job to determine what others believe. My job is to provide options and what follows is the responsibility of where everyone presented with these options takes it. My job is also to choose my own options because that determines my ability and capacity to present options and to argue for or against, or possibly not even argue but simply present and let the recipient make the case, for or against, by observing themselves, others and the world around and… me, insofar as they understand me, or themselves, or others. In the end you are the result of the choices you make, no more or less than me, or others, or the world you see around you; plastic and amendable to the manner in which we perceive this. Take it for what it is worth or not worth to you, based upon the worth you place on yourself, on others and what you see and do not see around you.
It is altogether possible that, by this time next week, at this same time, the world will no longer resemble the world as we knew it, or thought we knew it.
Now on to me. For several years now, I have not understood many of the things that have happened to me. So many things did not make sense. The reason so many things did not make sense was because my perspective did not allow for the one consideration that instantaneously made perfect sense of everything. What will not make sense to many of you is that I cannot talk about any of it. Perhaps at some point in following times I can talk about it but, at the moment, that is impossible and imprudent, although I have written it all down, chapter and verse, with the overwhelming weight of evidence and placed it with a secure source; several secure sources, to be opened in case of ‘whatever’.
I now know, to my great relief, that I was not responsible for any of the events of previous years, during my journeys and visitations, except in terms of my not seeing. So I have wandered in angst and confusion about what seemed so inexplicable in the face of my trying so hard. Boy, I tried hard.
What it comes down to is that I just didn’t consider myself important enough for the trouble taken with me. I still do not know ‘why’ this trouble was taken with me. Sure, I can see many variables but… which variable is the correct variable or… are most of them applicable? I do not know, at present, how much of the situations and players are all a part of this. It could run so deep and comprehensive that the truth is staggering. It could go all the way back to before I came to this location. It is truly mind-blowing. It is also ‘truly’ a great relief. So much is clear to me now and I now know I’m a better man than I thought myself to be. I really am one of the good guys. No matter what follows, this can’t be taken away from me, or expunged from my mind. Imagine, just imagine that you suddenly find out that almost nothing is what you thought it was and imagine, just imagine, how you might feel when you place that one missing piece into the puzzle and find that suddenly the whole picture changes in an instant and every other piece of the puzzle now makes a certain sense, in respect of the whole, that it did not make before.
Let me say, while there is time, I love you all very much, even the players as much as the played and… I certainly qualify as the latter. Imagine the impact of such a thing on me; the astonishment and yes, the humor of it all. You may well imagine that it has made me laugh. I would have laughed considerably more, had I not initiated a gallstone in the midst of the mix because I was so taken aback that I neglected to drink the proper amount of fluids. It seems at the moment that this is backing off. I hope so. The pain has been extreme. The good news is that I had some seriously effective pain medication. Even so… it’s been noticeable. I can only wonder at what it would have been like, had I not had what I had. It seems to be backing off now. I can only hope. Such things can be serious, in worst case scenario.
I haven’t written a posting in days because I have had to assimilate it all. I am still assimilating. I find it hard to look at what little I know so far. Every time I do, another piece of the puzzle falls into place. Yes, I said, ‘the final piece of the puzzle’ but the reality is; as soon as the final piece of the puzzle fell into place, it magically created several more places, where new pieces are now missing because, when the final piece fell into place, the picture immediately expanded into a much greater size, due to the implications of the appearance of the puzzle, after what was not the final piece, in fact, fell into place. I am thinking that for some of you, this is pretty clear, at least in the overall suspicions. Perhaps it even serves to make sense of what you know about me and have heard about me over recent years. For some, this will be quite mystifying but… given the work the subconscious does, it is only a matter of time before your own puzzle gets backlit by the light of revelation. All things in time my friends and… I do believe you are my friends, ultimately, you are all my friends.
To paraphrase the good book, “We war not against clever and doomed fools in high and invisible places but also against ignorant, low brow idiots in low places. These feckless deluded nimrods are no less responsible for our condition than the butt hairs in the ethers. Then you’ve got the really twisted freaks, present to fascinate the cretins among us. Programmed embarrassments like this, are the logical outcome of the loins of a Billy Ray Cyrus, whose one hit wonder consists of something like “Achy Breaky Heart”. This is why Visible doesn’t use Twitter. Sure I would be better known and more pervasive if I did but what would that pervasiveness consist of? Right. Yes, the sort of people who can only manage 144 characters; the Twits from Twitter and my… how many of them there are.
I’ve leave you with a question; why would someone who advertises building websites use a horrible purple background in which you can’t read the links because the color is nearly the same? Obviously it would be someone who didn’t want the business.
I’ll leave you swimming in mystery as I do the backstroke into whatever future remains.
End Transmission…….
Sorry about no radio show this past week. There will be one coming, if there is one (grin).


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