Taser, Taser, Taser. . .

Hardly a week goes by without our being inundated with shocking reports of police using tasers to subdue citizens. Taser guns shoot darts that apply a violent electric shock in excess of 50,000 volts when the needles from tasers penetrate the skin of victims. I have watched a number of taser incidents via “You Tube” www.infowars.com and www.truthnews.us , and there is no doubt that, in most instances, the use of tasers by police is absolutely unnecessary, and that their widespread use amounts to nothing less than callous brutality by overly aggressive police. In the videos I have seen, the police who used tasers often appear to get a perverse enjoyment from inflicting pain on their victims who had no way to counter repeated taser shocks as they laid helpless on the ground and writhing in agony.

According to protocols (or “use of force continuum”) that police are supposed to follow, they are not to resort to the use of tasers until a series of more peaceful means of subduing lawbreakers have first been tried. But the videos I have seen, and the reports I have read, clearly show police using electronic tasers on people who are not law breakers, or who have already been subdued and handcuffed. In some recent taser incidents: A woman who had been apprehended and handcuffed was needlessly tasered in the police booking room.

In another instance, a man was tasered when he didn’t hand his driver’s license to a policeman speedily enough. And in a report just received as I write, a hearing-impaired man, whose home was mistakenly entered with force by police, came out of the shower holding a towel around himself. When he seemed too slow in responding when the police ordered him to show his hands, they tasered him! Later they “begged his pardon” when they found that they had forced their way into the wrong home and also learned that the man had a serious hearing impairment.

These disturbing reports, which indicate a growing police-state mentality in America, have become so frequent that the general public has become inured to them; but they often end in the death of victims, not only because of unnecessary electric zapping, but also because of maliciously repeated shots by taser-armed thugs who pose as legitimate law enforcers.

A recent Highway Patrol incident in Utah showed a taser-wielding Highway Patrolman unnecessarily zapping a motorist who refused to sign a traffic ticket (which is a citizen’s right!). When the patrol car’s video was posted on the internet, it generated such an outburst of public ire against the offending patrolman (including some death threats to the patrolman), that the “taser quick” officer was put on administrative leave while the tasering incident is being investigated.

Finally public response is growing against such ruthless use of taser guns by “hired gun-toters.” [Yes, that is what members of the police force really are, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of that fact, just as long as the hired gun toters adhere to the dictates of constitutional law!] And the public’s response is a healthy sign that the spirit of American liberty still survives in the hearts of many law-abiding citizens! It shows that some citizens still have enough “sand in their craw” to stand firm against such officially condoned police-state tyranny and abuse! Yes, there is still hope for the return of constitutional freedom in our beloved Republic! Let us begin by outlawing the use of electronic taser guns!

Some Background Information

When I was a boy, my parents taught me and my siblings to respect the policeman on the beat. And, indeed, most police officers at that time were respected because they worked to earn the public’s respect. While there has always been a segment of society with a sick attraction to work as legally paid “gun toters” because of the opportunity to bully and inflict fear and harm on their fellow men, historically it was only a very small percentage, and in good police forces they tended to be weeded out quickly. But today, when I see a policeman approach me either on foot or in a car, I no longer have that old-time, good feeling of safety and respect that I used to have because, sadly, the percentage of “bad apples” in police forces seems to have been increasing steadily during the last fifty years or so. Why is this so?

The answer can be found by considering a number of points:

First, is the growing unconstitutional influence of the federal government on local police forces and sheriffs’ offices. Since the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration, local and state police offices have gradually been taken over by Federal Marshals and the FBI, not overtly, but rather through monetary and other influences such as officer training and the growing practice of federal agencies contributing weapons and equipment to local police and sheriffs. In short, the gradual growth of police-state totalitarianism that we have been witnessing in America at the federal level of government, has gradually worked its way down to local and state levels of government, which have increasingly grown dependent on federal moneys, grants, and “gifts” of equipment. Very few local police chiefs or sheriffs have the gumption to say, “No!,” when it comes to easily gotten funds or other “help” from the federals. Money talks loud and strong, but it also conditions the receiver to be unduly influenced by the donor! And this is happening throughout our country.

Second: Consider where the training of local and state police forces come from, and what is taught. Much of the training comes from the federal level, and the teaching entails the erroneous idea that citizens are the enemy who stand arrayed against the police. Another perverse, though related idea, that pervades the teaching of police officers is a craftily unstated, but insidiously present, concept which stems from Babylonian Talmudism. This concept views the general public simply as goyim (i.e., beastly cattle) who exist only as peons or slaves to serve their “elite” leaders and to be manipulated, taxed, and finally sacrificed because they are regarded as worthless and expendable. In short, the “elite” regard members of the public as pawns on a chess board to be manipulated and controlled at will!

A person would have to be blind not to see this truth – that citizens are now regarded as cattle – once it is called to his attention. So now you have been enlightened!

Consider how the federal government unconstitutionally arrogated power to itself and took over the JFK assassination in Dallas in 1963, with the result of an official cover-up!

Consider also the vicious federal massacre in Waco, Texas, April 19, 1993,when a religious community there stumbled on the ugly fact that the U.S. Government was using an abandoned WW II airport there for running drugs into our country, so the community had to be destroyed!

Finally, consider the so-called “Terror Attack” of September 11, 2001, by alleged “ Islamic box cutter-wielders.” This fiction was then used as an excuse to unjustly attack Afghanistan and Iraq. Our innocent young, patriotic Americans were then used as “cannon fodder” to fight Israel’s wars in the Mideast. Thankfully, an increasing number of Americans are gradually awakening to the fact that 9/11 was an inside job that has led to many lost and maimed lives, both here in America and in the Mideast!

Jack McLamb, a much decorated and good police officer who served faithfully for many years in Phoenix, Arizona, has much to say about the unhealthy federal influence on local police forces.

I started this article to point out the need to eliminate the use of electronic taser guns by our police forces, but felt it necessary to also show the underlying mental goyim-view that emanates from our central government in Washington, D.C., because our government there is controlled by a one-world, Babylonian Tamudic influence that is deadly to our American concept of constitutional government. This deadly concept must be removed from the American scene along with taser guns.

Now for the good guys!

It is sometimes tempting to dwell only on “bad guys” when discussing problems, but let us thank God as we remember that the large majority of police officers “who serve and protect” are indeed good, honest public servants who do earn and deserve our respect and support. Two instances come to my mind:

In the mid-1980s made a trip down South to pick up some registered cattle. On the way down on Highway 71 in Ohio, pulling a trailer with my pickup, I blew a tire and pulled over to change tires. While I was busily at work jacking up my vehicle, a Highway Patrolman pulled up, got out, rolled up his sleeves, and then changed the tire for me! Now that’s the kind of police officer that earns people’s respect. I don’t remember his name or badge number, but still hold him dear to my heart and regard him as an example to emulate!

Closer to home is Highway Patrolman Gary, Mercer, PA., another officer for younger officers to emulate. Whenever I see his vehicle drive by, there is no feeling of fear or alienation; I’m always eager to wave hello, both out of respect and earned friendship because he has so often been helpful and considerate to me and others on his beat – one of “Pennsylvania’s Finest!” We thank our Lord for such police officers as these!