Ripped Off! – Muslim Miffed at her Arts Re-Education

by Inas — Aug 26, 2013 in reply to Universities are Instruments of Masonic Subversion: My Story

I graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Toronto.  After completing of my degree, I had no marketable skills, can’t find a job and have no idea what to do for a career.
My courses didn’t contain any thoughtful books or materials, and were sub-level intellectual material.  Majority of professors did indeed look like creeps; some of them included a former stripper, and Communists from the Soviet Union.
I once borrowed the book, “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” It was not even overdue, yet I received a call from the library telling me to make sure to returned it!
One event was held on campus where a ‘professor’ lectured on his book that asserted that God does not exist. His book had the most elementary and childish assertions.  He asserted that the Bible is a faulty revelation containing many mistakes. I questioned him in the audience Q&A and asked if he had examined whether the Quran was free of faults. He had no reply, and simply brushed me away!
Such imposters are dressing themselves as intellectuals and masters of learning. The fact that religion can be openly ridiculed is utterly disgusting and points to an Illuminati takeover of education. In university, there are no objective grading standards, and usually good grades go to students who parrot the professors ideas.


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