Illuminati Plot History 50-Years in Advance

By Hamad Subani — ( August 25, 2013

In my first post, I mentioned how my persecution at Dalhousie University was triggered by my research into the role of the Soviet Union in the two World Wars. The two World Wars were not historical accidents but cold and calculated undertakings aimed at creating a bipolar New World Order, dominated exclusively by the United States (NATO) and the Soviet Union (Warsaw Pact).
To arrive at this template, it was necessary to destroy the Ottoman Empire, Imperial Russia, Japan, Germany and even the British Empire. The most curious case is the British Empire, which almost like clockwork, started unraveling towards the end of World War II.
In the case of the Indian subcontinent, the British oversaw a violent partition that lead to the creation of two nation states, India (dominated by the Soviet Union) and Pakistan (dominated by NATO). It is interesting to note that nothing on the scale of the partition had occurred between the Hindu and Muslim populations of the Indian subcontinent in hundreds of years prior to the arrival of the British.
Elsewhere, we see similar examples (North and South Korea, North and South Yemen, North and South Vietnam, Communist China and Nationalist Taiwan). In other words, the two World Wars were an exercise in reducing the number of global power blocs to two. And populations of the world were forced to choose between either.
My essay has since then evolved into a book, available for free online reading. In my research spanning several years and more than two hundred different sources, I have come up with some very interesting questions, and some very perplexing answers.


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