Who Benefits?

Rixon Stewart — August 25, 2013

As with any crime when you want to ascertain who the culprit is the first question to be asked is: who benefits?
In the case of the suspected nerve gas attack in Syria, the Syrian government would gain absolutely nothing from the atrocity. If anything it would be counterproductive; alienating President Assad’s domestic supporters and giving clear propaganda points to the Western sponsored rebels.
Moreover, as others have pointed out, if the Syrian government forces were intent on defeating the al-Qaeda-linked opposition then why would they launch an alleged nerve gas attack on women and children rather than opposition fighters?
It defies logic. All the more so as the Syrian government forces have been gaining ground recently in their offensive against the militants.
No, the only real beneficiaries from last week’s suspected nerve gas attack are the Western-sponsored militants. Just as Syrian government forces were on their way to inflicting a decisive defeat on the militants, the alleged use of nerve gas by the Syrian government has opened up the very real prospect of Western military intervention to prevent that.
So not only would the Syrian government gain absolutely nothing from using chemical weapons against their own people, it would also save the “Syrian opposition forces” from impending defeat.
The timing and location of the attack also seem to defy reason. Coming just three days after a team of United Nations chemical weapons experts checked into a hotel in Damascus, a few kilometres from the site of the chemical weapons attack.
Even if we ignore clear indications that Syrian government forces wouldn’t benefit from the nerve gas attack, or United Nations investigator’s claims to have found evidence that opposition forces used Sarin earlier this year, this still ignores the questionable nature of some of the other evidence pointing to Syrian government involvement.

Mail Online headline. Click to enlarge

Above all though it ignores plans that emerged at the beginning of the year that the ‘U.S. backed a plan to launch a chemical weapons attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime‘. That report appeared at the end of January in the Daily Mail but has subsequently been removed from the Mail’s website.
Fortunately, some enterprising observers managed to save copies of the webpage before the Mail entirely removed it. But it only goes to show how the corporate media appears to be working in collusion with Western intelligence.
Indeed, it’s no exaggeration to say that the corporate media has almost become an arm of Western intelligence; used to feed the public disinformation and shape their perception of events.
You would think that most would be a little more sceptical about the claims made in the Western corporate media, especially after the fiasco over Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction.
We can only hope they are. As that episode appears to be repeating itself in claims about Syria’s use of chemical weapons.
In the latest development in the ongoing crisis, Syria has agreed to allow United Nations chemical weapons experts to inspect the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack.
This apparent conciliatory move by Syria was quickly rebuffed however. With a senior White House official saying the move was “too late to be credible“.
The official insisted on anonymity because of lack of authorization to speak publicly about the developments.
Nonetheless the rejection of the Syrian gesture means we are heading down the same road we travelled once with Saddam Hussein and his fabled Weapons of Mass Destruction. Only this time the conflict at the end of the road could be much bigger than the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
Indeed, with both Iran and Russia pledging support for President Assad we could face a potentially catastrophic conflict.

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