Wikipedia doesn’t care about What REALLY Happened

I want to write about something that ties in with a lot of things I have been mentioning lately; the strange case of a sleeping and hypnotized nation, the infected sleaze of the media and the misshaping of both history and the moment by someone or other who finds this to their advantage.

Yesterday I followed a link to a Wikipedia page that dealt with the listing. I was engrossed there for a good half hour or more. For some reason I did not save the location and today I’ve spent more than half an hour looking for this page because I wanted you to see it. I’ve found other things but not the big picture I had yesterday. I found it, I think, through an Alex Jones article. If you know what I’m talking about send it to me so that I can put it here in the article. Email me or put it in the comments section.

I’ve known that Wikipedia is a bought and sold medium for the dark side for awhile. I’ve seen what they’ve done to others and my own listing which was well researched and submitted by a fan was summarily deleted after a couple of years of residence; not that I care. I never use Wikipedia and I have no use for the politics of those who run the site.

But you really have to read the arguments against listing What Really Happened to get the full flavor and stench of these people. I get my news from What Really Happened and so do thousands of others. There are a few other sites like and that give real news and are on the side of humanity all the way. I stand behind these sites myself. I’m grateful every day that they are there to give me news like this and this without these sites I would know far less that I do. There are other sites who work to tell the truth but so far I have found flaws in all of them besides the ones I list.

The convoluted pseudo- intellectual arguments of the obsessive compulsive geeks at Wikipedia is amazing. There are many examples of them shape-shifting on behalf of one agenda or another. You can find these examples by taking a look. That they would even have to think about adding What Really Happened is a testimony to their kneeling in the dark before the sound of zippers opening… slurping sounds… sounds of coins hitting the floor… sounds of hard crow like laughter and boots trailing away in the distance. The only sound that you don’t hear is the sobs of an injured victim. We’re talking about the willing here.

All through this tortured series of statements by those for and those against you see some righteous arguments by supporters of truth and continuous exposure of Wikipedia’s little intransigent trolls. I haven’t seen this kind of dissembling since the last time I went by The Daily Kos. It’s pathetic. Don’t they know that the dumbed down don’t even go there? Then again, the dumbed down wouldn’t get it anyway.
Anyone who wants to hear the truth should go to the listed sites and if you made What Really Happened a daily experience you would know a lot of what one can know; or do you just not want to know?

I learned about Ron Paul from this site. It is out of respect for Michael Rivero and his tireless efforts on our behalf; whether we like it or not, that I learned what I didn’t know before and possibly wouldn’t know now. I’d wager that Michael has as much to do with Ron Paul’s exposure as anyone around.

I find myself supporting a Republican when I would never have considered such a thing. But the truth will lead you into some strange places and you must be willing to go or you will part ways.

Most people don’t pursue the truth so they have no idea what those who provide a forum for it or who tell it must go through. I’m reminded of the poem

“The wayfarer,
Perceiving the pathway to truth,
Was struck with astonishment.
It was thickly grown with weeds.
“Ha,” he said,
“I see that none has passed here
In a long time.”
Later he saw that each weed
Was a singular knife.
“Well,” he mumbled at last,
“Doubtless there are other roads.”
…and so it is.

Somewhere in the last forty eight hours the crack whores at the FCC decided that big media didn’t have enough control of everything we hear so they went ahead and made it more secure for those snakes who curl up and get comfy in the back of our heads- “go to sleep everything is alright. I close my eyes and I drift away…”

Well, Wikipedia is a den of well fed rats and they will always have companions. There will always be people who like the glimmer of their moment in the spotlight, surrounded by pole dancers and bad comedians and a little musical trio out of one of Tom Waits’ nightmares. Like I’ve said so many times before, if it wasn’t for the little greeds everywhere …there would be none of the big greeds feeding on our lives.

So it is with the media blackout on Ron Paul… so it is with Bloomberg’s threatening candidacy (“take a seat, I’ve got Netan-yahoo on the other line.”) and the idea that someone would spend near 2 billion on their campaign; twenty percent of their worth- if you think worth is determined in money …and just to stop Ron Paul.

I’ve seen few things give me hope like I have the Ron Paul campaign. Six million dollars the ordinary citizen coughed up out of their beleaguered pockets in twenty four hours. That’s the man and woman on the street people and it is a far cry from the donors that emerged in the first stolen election of Bush the Dysfunctional. Compare the two and learn all you need to know.

Without What Really Happened I wouldn’t have known much of anything I came to know. I’m not just talking about Ron Paul. I’m talking about every devious thing that was revealed because one man cared enough to let me know. One man put up a site that challenged everything that didn’t smell right from Clinton to the present day. And Wikipedia doesn’t think that What Really Happened belongs in their patronizing bag of …who cares?

Wikipedia like a lot of hijacking experiments on the global web will sink under their own weight. False flag Zionist site like Daily Kos… fatuous jerk-off sites like Wonkette… virtual greasy spoons like Fox and MSNBC will sooner rather than later come to look like the beehive hairdos in the movies made during the period when people were dropping acid and listening to the best music we ever heard.

It’s always darkest before the dawn. Were I any of you well fed rats I would do a phoney Superman clothing change in the nearest phone booth. There’s still plenty of time for you to make the adjustment to pretending you were with us all the time. Before we know it, it will all look like it was your idea.

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