Beverley Geisbrecht: Pollyanna or Gov’t Agent?

In March 2009 Beverley Geisbrecht of Vancouver pleaded for Canada to save her life by ransoming her from her Taliban kidnappers. Instead, the Canadian government ignored her plea and she was believed murdered sometime in 2010. Why? She had run a pro-Taliban website Jihad Unspun.

I thought she was dispensable for this reason, and was murdered because the Taliban is largely a CIA operation.

Hamad Subani believes she was a Canadian intelligence operative who is still active. I saw her as a naive idealist but the fact she credited  Muslims for 9-11, and Subani was subjected to intense harassment by Canadian Intelligence lends credence to his claims.

by Hamad Subani — ( August 21, 2013

I often wonder whether my investigation into the Rothschild role in the World Wars would alone warrant such retaliation from Canadian Intelligence.
Maybe it could. Or maybe it was also due to the fact that earlier in my life, I had unwittingly blown apart a rogue Canadian Intelligence Operation.
This was a fairly sophisticated operation and a lot of resources were used for it. Prior to the veiled death threat made by history professor, I had stumbled across a reactionary Al-Qaida website on the Internet (; it is now defunct).
The purpose of this website was to provide propaganda for the War on Terrorism by producing anti-Western “jihad” literature in the English language that called for attacks on Western civilians, thereby justifying the War on Terrorism.
I noticed a lot of anomalies. For example, the website tried hard to mimic a genuine Al-Qaida website. When the website surfaced, several genuine Al Qaida websites were shut down by British Intelligence, and their domains were redirected to jihadunspun.
In addition, jihadunspun was strictly against seeing 9-11 as a conspiracy, and instead tried to take credit for 9-11 on behalf of Al-Qaida.
The post received upwards of 60,000 hits in a span of a few days, and was linked up by major alternate news websites. The controversy about the website snowballed into mammoth proportions, when the owner of the website identified herself as Muslim convert Beverly Giesbrecht, alias Khadija Abdul Qahaar (alias Dulcy Israel alias Bev Kennedy alias Bruce Kennedy alias Paul Morris-Read).
Beverly thought she had made a smart move by becoming the human face of the website and pretending to be a supporter of radical Islam. But even more eyebrows were raised when holes in her story were discovered.
Beverly was desperate to find out my true identity, and managed to obtain my IP address from Libertyforum. Thereafter, I noticed unmarked vans around my residence. But it seems she had mistaken a Libyan youth who had lived in the apartment complex for me. And for the time being, I was safe.
I then made the big mistake of following up my original posting a year later on Libertyforum using a University computer at Dalhousie.  By then, my history professor had started taking an interest in me, and I believe my Internet activity at University was being tapped. I believe my enemies at Dalhousie passed on my personal details to Beverly.
Immediately after that, I noticed an escalation of persecution activity that could only be attributed to Canadian Intelligence. The last I heard about Beverly was in 2008. It was reported that she was abducted in Afghanistan after trying to infiltrate the Taliban. A video was released of her, pleading for her life, with knives being waved in her face. Although it may never be publicly acknowledged, it appears that the Canadian Government coughed up millions of dollars to free her. In May 2011, we were told she had died in Pakistan. And jihadunspun went offline.
But this appeared to be an all too convenient exit strategy.


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