Voice of the White House December 17, 2007

“Two topics of interest this week. When the press speaks of the destruction by the CIA of torture tapes, in spite of court orders, they were wrong. All of these Godawful tapes were copied and last weekend, I saw some of them. Disgusting and perverted but what can you expect from those bunch of losers down at Langley ? We see the faces of the torturers very clearly. I told the person who has a set to make copies and send them around. No point of sending them to the New York Times or the Washington Post because they will get shut down. Someone in both papers will get on the horn to Langley and try to save the wrapping paper to give them. I said to send them out to various anti-war and anti-Bush sites like Rense and then watch the fun! The second part of this is the firm decision of the Republicans to conduct a typical fear campaign against illegal immigrants, mostly Mexican. I told the Rove toady this was very stupid and would backfire but you can tell these pea-brained fanatics nothing. They want to stir everyone up, demand mass arrests and forced deportations at the very least. Detention centers (read ‘concentration camps’ here) are to be set up and filled with deportees. These brutes say that if they have children born in the U.S. , the children can stay here. I asked with whom they could say and my informant just shrugged. I will post some of their savage memos that sound as if they were written by Stalin or Hitler and hope the National Sheep Herd doesn’t fall for the usual lies and scare tactics.”

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