Universities are Instruments of Masonic Subversion (My Story)

by Hamad Subani — (henrymakow.com) August 23, 2013

Some research into the Rothschild’s role in promoting the Soviet Union as a motive for World Wars morphed into a full persecution campaign against me at Dalhousie University in Halifax NS.
When Makow posted a summary of the Rakovsky document in 2003, I incorporated it into an essay for a History class I was taking. That essay provoked great consternation among the Criminal Elite of Dalhousie, the city of Halifax and even the Rothschilds based at Shell Oil HQ in Calgary. (It ended up in their hands too.)
The professor of the class actually called me to his office and made a thinly veiled death threat, and warned me not to investigate the Rothschilds any further.  He proceeded to say that I had a brilliant future ahead. But I had jeopardized it. He then made racist attacks on my ethnicity and culture, and attacked my religion. I felt that he was trying to bait me into saying something that could be construed as Anti-Semitic. Since I am not naive enough to blame Jews, I urged him to be specific about what disturbed him so much about my essay. He could not give a reasonable answer.
Throughout the conversation, I felt he was not the only one listening, and that he was being prompted on what to say through some kind of earpiece. It took some time to sink in. Here was a man born a Communist country, groomed in Soviet institutions and whose activities in Canada were questionable, telling me (a born Canadian) that my days as a free citizen were over.
It would be many years later that I began to make out the outlines of an invisible class system. Apparently, the professor represented a class of people whose job was to “manage” the Canadian “server” class.  The job of the server class was to structure their lives around surrogating for The Powers That Be, and even fighting their World Wars. While the server class was comfortable in engaging in wars and violence for their Criminal Elite, the same Criminal Elite never faced a whimper of revolt from them, as history bears witness.


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